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Board of Directors Minutes





ATTENDANCE:  Bob Callahan, Ben Caswell, Peter Cutler, Jim DeVoe, Brian Hastings, John Hession, Terry Moran (Ex-Commissioner),  Bill Prodgers, Bob Snow and Commissioner Van Khachadoorian.

ABSENT:  Charlie Salerno and Don Saulnier


Meeting Called to Order by Commissioner Khachadoorian at 1:00 AM

Approval of Minutes:  June 18, 2020 – Motion to approve by Prodgers.  Seconded by DeVoe.

Motion to approve carried.


Treasurer’s Report – John Hession

Sports Engine, our web site provider, is trying to charge us for the Classic platform.  Since we will not be having the classic this year, Terry Moran is working with them to see if that extra fee can be waived.

Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report by Callahan.  Seconded by Cutler.

Motion passes.



  1. Report: Pitching Screen Survey – Richie Barber

A poll was taken of the 22 pitchers as to how they want to pitch.  Choice was: over the screen or to the side.

              2 wanted to pitch over the screen,

15 pitchers want to leave the pitching screen as is.

2 said they didn’t care

3 didn’t respond

Motion by Prodgers to leave the pitching screen as it currently exist. Seconded by Callahan

Motion passes unanimously

There was a feeling that we lack enforcement as far as pitchers getting behind the screen after the pitch.  A question of masks (pitching masks) came up again.  We will have the Rules Committee relook at safety and enforcement and or mask usage.

Van thanked Richie for his work on the Rules Committee, but he is stepping down and Steve Marlin agreed to serve as Rules Committee Chair.


  1. By-laws Committee – Moran                                                                                                We will have a recommendation ready for the October meeting.
  2. Approval of the PEAC’s – Commissioner
  3. Division 1 -  President Saulnier – names not submitted  
  4. Division 2 – President Hastings – Chuck Hilton, Bob Kemple, Ed Donahue, Ed Jay and Ben Caswell.
  5. Motion by Cutler to accept.  Seconded Callahan.  Motion accepted. 
  6. Division 3 PEAC will be forthcoming at the October meeting. 
  7. Division 3/4- President Snow & Salerno – John Whelan, Donnie Moore, Jim Parmelee.  Motion to accept by Callahan.  Seconded by DeVoe.


  1. Report: Nomination Committee – Peter Cutler

•          Division 1 President    John Houser

•          Division 2 President    Brian Hastings

•          Division 3 President    Jim Gresis

•          Division 4 President    Mike Hanafee

•          Masters President       Bill Prodgers

•          Director at Large        Mike Barry                                                                                                        Motion by Cutler to approve the slate.  Seconded by DeVoe.

Motion passes


  1.  Plans for General Meeting:   Commissioner Van                                                                                        The Board felt it was too risky to hold indoors.  Need to have more discussion. Terry suggested that we could do a Zoom meeting and vote.  Terry will work on this.
  1.  Review of CCSSL Season:   Out of the 295 players registered this year we probably lost 60/70 who opted not to play due to COVID-19 and other personal health issues.

Van will prepare an end-of-season report for distribution on the League website following the close of the 2020 season.

  1. The Classic Report:

Wayne Draeger will be assisted by Bob Kemple and Ben Tantillo for the 2021 Classic.  Wayne will be stepping down but will be available to continue to serve as a resource. We are seeking a member to volunteer for the position of Classic Director.

Recommended dates for the Classic are Sept. 10th – 15th. Dates are being revisited because of Yom Kippur which begins on the 15th.

  1.  Other Matters:
  • Field Maintenance Activities – Van 
  • We painted 3 sheds, put up a new sign in place of “Home of Cape Cod Old Timers Softball”, the new sign “Home of Cape Cod Senior Softball” is on the gate at Memorial.  The fields have been maintained very well this year.  There was a broken sprinkler head in left field, but that has since been fixed.
  • CPC Projects Town of Harwich:   The Harwich Youth and Recreation Commission will resubmit a request for new fencing for Memorial Field. In order to save money with the project, the Board will not be asking for a new backstop, instead we will request 10 foot high netting be put along right field
  • “Doc” Siegal Projects – All                                                                                              Haven’t received a lot of ideas.  Building a 24x30 pavilion at Memorial is still a possibility.  Please let Van know if you have ideas regarding further projects.
  • Fall Ball:  Mike McCluskey wanted to know if CCSSL members wanted to join Cape Save for fall ball games.  9 AM on Saturdays $5.  The monies would be donated to the Harwich Food Pantry.   The Board decided that CCSSL would not engage in a combined Fall Ball program this season and, those players who wish to participate in additional fall ball are encouraged to join the Cape Save Saturday program.
  • The Harwich Youth and Recreation Commission did respond to the request of our Board to lower the field assessment fee this year due to the several losses CCSSL has experienced this season because of COVID-19.  They reduced the fee to $500.
  • Review of the season’s protocol, it seems we have done well.  But as the season proceeded people got a little more complacent and  became less vigilant


Motion to adjourn:  Meeting adjourned at 2:49 PM

Next Meeting will be at Harwich Community Center on Friday October 23, 2020 at 1:00 PM

Minutes Submitted by:  Judy Kennedy Recording Secretary

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