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Board of Directors Minutes




ATTENDANCE:   Bob Callahan, Ben Caswell, Peter Cutler, Jim DeVoe, Brian Hastings, Terry Moran ( Ex-Commissioner), Charlie Salerno, Don Saulnier, Bob Snow, and Commissioner Van Khachadoorian

ABSENT:  John Hession and Bill Prodgers


Meeting Called to Order by Commissioner Khachadoorian at 7:32 PM

Approval of minutes: 

March 14, 2020 – Motion to approve by Callahan.  Seconded by Salerno.  Motion Carries.

May 27, 2020 - Motion to approve by Jim DeVoe.  Seconded by Callahan.  Motion Carries.

June 1, 2020 – Motion to approve by Salerno.  Seconded by DeVoe.  Motion Carries


LIABILITY INSURANCE POLICY:  Policy has been paid $1025.  This is 1-million-dollar coverage for Board members.      


Terry Moran has been paid his stipend 


BRIAN’S SAFETY PLAN:  A copy was received by all Board members in advance of this meeting  Biggest concern with the players was the mask.  So, in summary:  everyone has a mask or bandana around their neck.  If you within 6 feet of someone you pull it up, otherwise it is around your neck at all times.  Basically, it is just trying to cover the state guidelines. Questions?  In summary the main concern was enforcement.  Generally, the Board felt that the managers set the tone, the umpires have enough to deal with.  Charlie pointed out that we may not have many umpires anyway. However; if there is an umpire, he/she will work in conjunction with the manager to enforce safety protocols.  If the game needs to be stopped or ended because of non-compliance, then so be it. 

Motion by DeVoe to accept Brian’s Safety Plan.  Seconded by Caswell.  Motion Passes without dissent.  

Our thanks to Brian, Ben and Bob Snow for working on this.

Copies will be given to the Town Rec. Departments.



D -1 Don Saulnier – 8 players are NOT willing to play.  At this time, we have 5 teams of 12 players.  That may change after the new player evaluations. 

D -2 Brian Hasting - 56 players are committed to play in D-2.  Some will be playing with Gary Simmons also; this may cause them a conflict regarding days/times.  We have enough for 4 teams of 14 Could change once new players are evaluated.  10 players I haven’t heard from.

D-3/D-4 Bob Snow & Charlie Salerno – Charlie has 26 players with a potential for 10 more.  Maybe we could have 3 teams. Definitely not ideal, a few years ago we had 3 D-4 teams and it was not a happy D-4.  Charlie thought of 3 things D-4 could do:

1) Join Gary Simmons, if he would have us and our 2/3 teams would play his teams. Also, make some donation toward the insurance he has purchased. 

2) Each player plays for a different team each game. 

3)  We don’t play.  If option 1 was acceptable I would need the Board to approve a monetary donation and I would ask Peter Cutler to broker a meeting with Gary. More work to be done on this.  Option 1 may not be the answer. 


TRYOUTS/EVALUATION SCHEDULE FOR NEW PLAYERS:  Brian has been in touch with the new players via email.  23 said they want to play and are ready for tryouts.  6 said not willing to play.  We will hold tryouts at Potter/Memorial next week Wednesday 6/24 @ 5:30 PM and Saturday 6/27 @ 9:00 AM.  Brian will organize the groups (of 10) and give them the day & time.  Managers and PEACs will be invited.


LEAGUE SCHEDULE:                                                                                                                                                        Start July 13th play through September. 


D-1: T &Th 6:00 PM Potter/Memorial    

D-2:  M & Wed. 6:00 PM  Potter/Memorial   

5:30 PM start time in Aug.



We will wear sponsor’s shirts even though we are not collecting their fees.  We need to show support.


Motion to Adjourn by Charlie and Seconded by Bob Callahan.  So moved.  Meeting adjourned at 8:43 PM


Minutes submitted by Judy Kennedy, Recording Secretary