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Board Meeting Minutes - 07/23/2021
Board Meeting Minutes - 07/23/2021

Last Updated: 7/28/2021 11:37 AM

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Board Meeting Minutes - 07-23-2021
Board Meeting Minutes - 07-23-2021

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CCSSL 2021 Application
CCSSL 2021 Application

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2021 Cape Classic Official Team Roster
2021 Cape Classic Official Team Roster

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Board Meeting Minutes 3-8-21
Board Meeting Minutes 3-8-21

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Board Meeting Minutes 4-30-21
Board Meeting Minutes 4-30-21

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Board Meeting Minutes 4-9-21
Board Meeting Minutes 4-9-21

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2021 Rule Book
2021 Rule Book

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2021 CCSSL Policies
2021 CCSSL Policies

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Displaying Results 1 - 10 of 157

Board of Directors - Draft Minutes 2/8/2012



Minutes of the February 8, 2012 Board Meeting

Burger King Meeting Room, Dennis, MA


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Jack Carey, Dick Connolly, Frank Hallice, Dave Noonan, Bill Prodgers, Dennnis Redding, and Commissioner Charles Salerno


BOARD MEMBERS ABSENT: Rocco Annesi, Hank Bowen Wayne Dreager


1. Commissioner Salerno called the Board of Directors meeting to order at 7:30 PM


2. Secretary’s Report – Judy Kennedy

Minutes of the 1/10/2012 Board Meeting accepted as submitted


3. Treasurer’s Report – Jack Carey

Year-end adjustments noted

Line item added: TRAVEL TEAM

Motion made to accept the amended version of the Treasurer’s report

Motion seconded and carried


4. Open Forum:

  • Brian Hastings thanked the Board for putting Meeting Agenda and Draft Minutes on the website.

Brian also encouraged the Rules Committee to make rules that would accommodate, especially Division 4 players; to “keep them in the game” as long as they can play, e.g. use of runners from home.

  • Dick Curcio: with the inception of morning games for Divisions 3 & 4, Dick asked that the Board take in consideration the need for practice time when scheduling these two divisions.


5. Committee Reports:

  1. Rules Committee – Dennis Redding

Right now the committee is studying various issues, but no decisions have been made yet.

  1. Pool Player Changes – Rich Barber We are still looking at the use of pool players while the travel teams are away. No decision made at this time

  2. Recruitment – Dave Noonan Posters and brochures are finished and ready to be distributed. Ben Caswell, a professional PR man has offered to assist us in any way. His input and help will be invaluable.



6. Old Business:

  1. Audit report was read. Motion by Connolly to accept audit (see attachment). Seconded and carried. Don Stimer, who did the Audit, emailed the Commissioner and suggested he establish an Audit Committee comprised of two people, with financial background. The Audit Committee would review the auditor’s recommendations, work papers, and help implement the Auditor’s recommendations. This is a common practice and it strengthens the systems of internal control.

The Board agreed that this is something that they wish to implement. This will be brought up at the pre-season meeting and we will ask if anyone is interested in serving on this committee.

  1. Yarmouth & Harwich keys- Dick Connolly Nineteen keys collected, Dick will turn them in


7. New Business:

  1. Travel Team Manager Appointments: See attachment A Travel Team Manager may not also be a manager of a league team.

  2. League Assignments:

See attachment

  1. Harwich Charges: ~$150 for unlimited use of meeting rooms. ~$50 per use of Multi-Purpose Room. We would use this room 3 times so our cost would be $150. ~The Commissioner had checked out other meeting facilities and Harwich Community Center offers the best price and space. Motion by Prodgers to approve $300. For meeting room usage. Seconded and carried. ~Potter is booked for 10 games @ $20. Per game. No charge for practice usage ~Memorial usage is under the MOU thus there is no user fee. ~New fields behind HCC will not be used by us this year. ~Also in Harwich the area, behind the sheds have been cleared for a batting cage for the girl’s team (fast pitch); however we may also be able to make use of it after the girls’ season ends. Finally, the maintenance department has expanded the parking lot.

~Yarmouth/Dennis: Sandy Pond will remain as is; Townhouse is now called Homer PARK Field; Kelley III is ours till 5 PM; Kelley I is a back-up field. Dennis will be refurbishing Kelly I soon with the help of Tom Burke.


d) 2012 League Assignments are now complete-See Attached



e) Chatham Anniversary – Dick Curcio Chatham is celebrating its 300th birthday. One of the events will be a Scrabble Town 300 Softball Doubleheader. Dick is asking to use our name as an official sponsor.

Motion by Prodgers to lend the name “Cape Cod Senior Softball” to sponsor youth Scrabble Town softball for the day. Seconded and carried. If people are interested they can go online and put in Chatham 300 to see all that is going on. Anyone who wishes to volunteer may contact Dick Curcio by email at


8. Round Table:

  1. Charlie said that the 32 Game schedules are still in the works, may not happen this year.

  2. Falmouth softball contacted Charlie – still waiting to hear more from them

  3. Dick Connolly – remind presidents to turn in registrations and monies

  4. Dave Noonan – Letter will be going out to sponsors


9. Next Meeting: March 21, 2012 (Wednesday) at 10:00 AM at the Harwich Community Center


10. Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM


Minutes submitted by Recording Secretary, Judy Kennedy

3/21/2012 Board of Directors Draft Minutes




Minutes of the March 21, 2012 Board Meeting


Harwich Community Center

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Rocco Annesi, Jack Carey, Frank Hallice, Dave Noonan, Bill Prodgers, Dennis Redding and Commissioner Charles Salerno

BORAD MEMBERS ABSENT: Hank Bowen, Dick Connolly, immediate past Commissioner Van Khatchadoorian and Wayne Dreager

1. Commissioner Salerno call the Board of Directors meeting to order at 10:00 AM

2. Secretary’s Report – Judy Kennedy

Minutes of the February 8, 2012 Board Meeting

Motion by D.Redding to approve the minutes as written.

Seconded and carried with one (1) member, R. Annesi, abstaining.

3. Treasurer’s Report – Jack Carey

No formal report.

FYI: Back Office has paid $5000 for travel team(s) this is the first installment of four ($20,000). They have decided to sponsor both the 70 & 75 year old travel teams.

4. Open Forum:


The Commissioner noted that a John Redihan was to be at this meeting. He sells Reebok products and has offered the chance for individuals to “try them out” at a clinic he will conduct for our league. He was to explain how this would be done but he did not show up for the meeting.


  • Mike Hanafee – Kelly 1 needs a “Bouse House”. Charlie noted that Kelly1 will not be used on regular bases by us; therefore there is probably not a need at this time but if conditions warrant in the future the request will be revisited at that time.

5. Committee Reports:


1.Rules Committee – Dennis Redding. Rule changes have been sent out to the Board. Discussion and voting will take place at the next meeting


  1. Pool Player Changes – Rich Barber. No report

  2. Recruitment – Dave Noonan. Letters thanking our sponsors, and requesting their support for this year, have been sent. Ads have been placed in the local papers. Flyers are distributed in many public places. Registration count at this time: Division 1 = 17 new recruits; Division 2 = 4; Division 3 & 4 = 0. A display ad will be going in the Cape Cod Times next week.

The Commissioner deviated from the agenda at this point.

Under New Business item (d):


1.Harwich Rec. Commission asked for a donation toward the $800 spent to bring in the electricity to run the pitching machine for the batting cages. It was noted that the previous board did allot $500.00 toward the batting cage but this Board had agreed previously that we did not want to use the batting cage so we did not make a donation.


  • The Commissioner suggested that we use that money to make some type of donation for the improvement of the Potter/Memorial fields in return for consideration for the use of Potter without paying the fee of $20 per game.

  • This offer will be presented to the Rec. Commission by the recreation director for the town of Harwich.

  • It is reported that subsequently, the high school paid the entire bill for the installation of the electricity.

Under New Business item (f):


  • Shed ($1500), Batting Mats ($400), and Kelly 1 Allotment ($500)


Money for the shed was already approved and is in the budget. Tom Burke will take care of procuring the shed and having it set up according to Dennis Town Regulations


  • Tom Burke will personally pick up the batting mats thus saving the money for delivery and enabling him get two more mats at no additional cost.

  • It was suggested we donate $500 toward Kelly 1 improvements – even though we are not using Kelly 1 regularly for games, this is a goodwill gesture to the town of Dennis and we may utilize this field more in the future.


Motion by R. Annesi to approve the above expenditures above, not to exceed $900.


Seconded and carried without dissent.

Under New Business item (k):


  • Lombard Field (Barnstable) – Charlie Salerno-as a Board we have talked about expanding our base of operations to the east in order to entice new players.


  • Lombard Field gets us into Barnstable and moves us east

  • It would also be more convenient for the Falmouth League as we attempt to play more games with them.

  • The rental cost is $300 for 10 games, after that there is no charge

  • To play under the lights is $25 more per game

  • The Commissioner is asking for Board approval to pay for and schedule 10 games on 5 dates with one early game and one late game(to be played under lights) at this field. It was suggested we add 2 more dates in case of rain outs or to make it easier to play games with the Falmouth League.

  • Motion by R. Annesi to allocate $425 for the use of Lombard Field.


Motion is seconded and carried without dissent

6. Old Business:


  1. Yarmouth & Harwich Keys – Dick Connolly has collected all keys except one. Harwich keys: Chip has the gate key and he will open/lock field gate for tryouts and Tues/Thurs practices for now.

  2. Audit Committee: The Commissioner appointed Wayne Dreager and Eddie Jay as an audit committee of the board as recommended in the 2011 audit report by our auditor. They will be the liaison between the treasurer and auditor. Both appointees have backgrounds which make them qualified for this appointment.

7. Back to New Business:


e) Travel Team Revolving Account (Renamed: Reimbursable Fund)


Establishment of a “Reimbursable Fund” for Travel Teams.


The Commissioner is looking for a motion to establish of a “Reimbursable Fund”. This fund will allow the travel teams expend funds for their tournament needs without always having to request funds from the treasurer or to have the treasurer send checks to pay bills and entry fees. It will reduce the burden of check writing on the treasurer and allow for more expeditious payments of bills and reimbursements for our travel teams. The audit committee of the board will review the list of expenditures and recommend to the treasurer the amount of funds to be reimbursed to bring the level of funds back to the allotted amount budgeted for that year by the sponsor.


R. Annesi, so moved, the motion was seconded and carried.

b) Team Managers:


The PEAC are putting together the core of each team; when contacting core team members they are to to ask if they have a recommendation for manager or if they wish to manage. Also, on the Pre-registration form there are people who have indicated that they want to manage (these are on the pre-registration forms that were sent to the division presidents and they should forward them to the PEAC of their division).

a) Playing while travel teams are away proposals:


  • Bill Prodgers: Play the regular league games as scheduled. Use Pool Players to fill in. If this scenario is followed the Pool Player policy would have to be changed to allow more than two pool players per game and allow them to play other than the three previously named positions.

  • Charles Salerno: We take the remaining players, scramble them, and they play one-pitch games. For example, say we have 4 teams: red, blue, yellow and green and they play each other, if red team wins the most one-pitch games…they are the champs…they will receive an award at the annual banquet. That way, everyone keeps playing during the travel teams’ absences.


g) Blue Ribbon Futures Committee: Charles Salerno


“What kind of approach are we going to take for the future?”


The Commissioner will establish an Ad Hoc committee to study ideas and

recommendations that will shape the future direction of the league.


The Commissioner held an open discussion regarding players with lesser abilities and whether they can/should be placed in the next division (up). The consensus was that everybody should be allowed to play; however, players should be appropriately with safety being a priority. A recommendation way made to have a plan for teams in case we have a large number of new players come out this year. Charlie suggested the Division 1 PEAC consider the possibility and recommend a plan if necessary.


j) Meeting with Falmouth League Commissioner (Chip Mansfield):


  • They are planning a small tournament (about 8 teams) in late Sept.,

and asked if we would participate. They also asked if they could use our registration form.



Both Commissioner Mansfield and Salerno would like to see a combined softball league with an East and West Division on the Cape someday.


Round Table:

Rocco Annesi said that he was checking out the possibility of having the League picnic at the Yarmouth Flax Pond facility in July.

Chip Hayden asked if there was any possibility of the league purchasing a pitching machine for Tue./Thur. practices. This item will be placed on next month’s agenda.

Meeting adjourned: 12:06 PM

Next meeting April 18 at 9:00 AM – Harwich Community Center

Meeting submitted by Judy Kennedy, Recording Secretary