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Hall of Fame

Cape Cod Senior Softball League Hall of Fame


Inductees into the Hall of Fame are determined by their on-the-field accomplishments.  It is recognized that the league does not keep individual statistics, but the committee has knowledge and experience of their talents.  In addition, sportsmanship and service to the league are important considerations.  Finally, a minimum of 10 years of playing time is required.

Class of 2023


Gerry Street - Gerry is consistently a top pick when mangers are selecting teams either for the league or travel teams.  Gerry is a highly rated shortstop with a strong arm as well as a leadoff batter with a high on base percentage.  His talent both on the field and at the plate has allowed him to be selected to play on the 60, 65, 70, 75 and 80 travel teams. Gerry has also umpired and worked at the annual Classic. It is a pleasure to have Gerry become a member of CCSSL Hall of Fame.


Bill Eagan - Bill is a great competitor, an outstanding outfielder, and pitcher. Along with his fielding achievements, Bill is a solid hitter with the capability of placing the ball in the gaps.  Bill has organized Cape travel teams that have played in Florida, the northeast, and the Cape Classic.  In addition, Bill has umpired, managed, served as Division President, Assistant Commission for the league and worked the raffle at league banquets.  It is with great pleasure that Bill is inducted into the CCSSL Hall of Fame. 


Dave Noonan - Dave is a solid hitter who can place the ball to any field.  He is considered one of the best mid fielders with a strong and accurate throwing arm.  Dave has served as a co-manager, member of the board of director, chaired the nominating committee as well as the sponsorship committee. It is with great pleasure the Dave be inducted into the CCSSL Hall of fame.


MIKE MCCLUSKEY – Mike was a power hitter and outstanding first baseman.  He managed league teams, played on travel teams, and created additional playing experiences for league members with weekend games and practices.  He served on CCSSL’s Board, sponsored teams, and was a popular umpire.  It is a great pleasure to induct Mike into the CCSSL Hall of Fame.



PETER BROOKS – Peter has been an outstanding shortstop, known for his soft hands and strong accurate arm.  Peter has been a consistently outstanding hitter and great teammate.  He has won championships in league play, play-offs, The Classic, and as a long-standing member of our travel teams.  He is known as a player’s player as he exemplifies the way the game should be played.


TOM FARRELL – Tom has all the tools needed to be an excellent player in the league - a great glove, outstanding throwing arm, hitting for average and power.  A long-time member of travel teams that have been part of many tournament victories.  He has won championships in league play, play-offs, and The Classic.



BOB BLAKESLEE – Over the two decades playing in the Cape Coe Senior Softball League Bob has exemplified his playing ability to the highest level.  He is truly a player who excels in fielding, batting, running, and pitching.  He has played on many championship teams as well as our travel teams.  It is a pleasure to induct Bob Blakeslee into the Class of 2021 Cape Cod Senior Softball Hall of Fame.


CHARLIE SALERENO – Charlie has been a very dedicated player and Board Commissioner.  He has provided strong leadership while serving on the Board.  In addition, he has been extremely active in volunteering during the annual Classic.  This year he has assumed the role of umpire coordinator and has done an excellent job.  It is the Committee’s pleasure to have Charlie Salerno inducted in the Cape Cod Senior Softball Hall of Fame.


TERRY MORAN – Terry was a highly regarded player and Commissioner for our league.  Terry played his infield positions exceptionally well and was a strong hitter.  Terry was known for multi-tasking.  While Commissioner he also developed and maintained our league’s website.  It is a pleasure to induct Terry Moran into this year’s class of Hall of Fame members.


CHARLIE DONAHUE – Charlie is truly an inspiration to the league.  Like the engine that can, at 93 years of age he is still going.  He is truly dedicated to his team and can pitch with the best of pitchers.  He always plays the game with a positive attitude.  It is a great pleasure to induct Charlie Donahue into this year’s class of Hall of Famers.


PETER STRAND – Peter has been a standout player and manager since entering the league back in 1999.  Over the years he has played for and managed championship teams with Ben and Jerry’s, Fellman Brothers, and Cape Cod Five, to mention a few.  He is a well-rounded player on the field and with the bat.  It is a great pleasure to have Peter inducted into the Class of 2021 Cape Cod Senior Softball Hall of Fame.

Class of 2019

TERRY BROOKS - He has played in our league for about two decades and has always conducted himself with both style and grace. He has been among the best both offensively and defensively in every division he has played in. He has played every infield position at the highest level. A long-time member of travel teams, he has been a champion in league play, play-offs, travel team and The Classic. Considered the ultimate team player for his enthusiasm and encouragement to both teammates and opponents. The Hall of Fame welcomes Terry Brooks.

BOB BUCK - Considered by all a true gentleman, he is the ultimate example of what our league represents. A great blend of talent, class competitor, and versatility, he has played multiple positions at the highest level. He has played on championship teams in league play, the play-offs, travel teams and The Classic. He has managed, umpired, been a long-time member of the travel team and participated in numerous Senior Softball events. He has shown excellence in all aspects of the game and is admired by all for his ability and how he conducts himself on and off the field. The Hall of Fame welcomes Bobby Buck 

BOB WARDE - One of the hardest working gentlemen to ever play in our league. He played the game at the highest level both on offense and defense. He has made contributions to the league in many areas and worked for the league’s benefit especially in organizing the leagues umpires. It seems he worked around the clock making sure all games had umpires. Many of us remember getting a call or e-mail at all hours of the day, asking us if we could help out umpiring. A great guy, dedicated to our league, we welcome Bob Warde to The Hall of Fame.


Class of 2018

ROB ROBIDOUX - Rob Robidoux has been a superior player since entering our league. He is a truly outstanding ball player known for his power, fielding, throwing and running. Rob has won championships, participated on travel teams as well as in the CCSSL Classic. A long time manager, he appears to get faster every year.  We welcome Rob to the Hall of Fame.

JIM DEVOE - Jim DeVoe has been in the league for over 20 years.  Jim always played at a high level of enthusiasm and sportsmanship.  In addition, Jim has been known as a solid utility player who is always willing to fill in when needed.  In 2008, Jim was the recipient of the Spirit of Softball award that is presented annually to the league player who continually displays inspirational leadership both on and off the field.  Over the years Jim has managed several teams as well as played on two travel teams.  He has served in many capacities such as umpire scheduler as well a officiating during the regular season and the annual Classic.  He has served on the CCSSL Board, coordinated the purchase of league uniforms, and procured apparel for the annual Classic.  We are honored to induct Jim DeVoe into the Hall of Fame.

MIKE SULLIVAN - Mike Sullivan was Mr. Consistent for the many years he played in our league.  He was an excellent fielder and one of the toughest outs to get.  He seemed to always hit line drives into the gaps.  He has played on travel teams as well as in many of our Classics.  Always ready with a smile, he exemplified the standards our league is based on.  Welcome Mike to the Hall Of fame.

Class of 2017

GARY SIMMONS -  Gary is outstanding in all areas of the game; hitting, running, throwing, and fielding.  He has been one of the top players in whatever division he has played in.  He has been a team manager with championships in both the regular season and the play-offs.  He is a great competitor, an encouraging teammate, a true gentleman, and a credit to the league.  We are proud to induct Gary Simmons into the Hall of Fame.

WAYNE DRAEGER Wayne Draeger is a complete player, who is strong in all aspects of the game.  He worked on the Classic in various areas before taking over as the Director of the biggest event of our league.  He has elevated the Classic to a new level and worked with his staff to make it more successful.  He has umpired for the league during the season, the play-offs and the Classic.  He can be counted on to assist the league in any way possible and is a great ambassador for our league.  We are proud to induct Wayne Draeger into the Hall of Fame.

Class of 2016

JIM VAN BAALEN - Jim Van Baalen has been a great player in our league for many years.  Jim can play anywhere.  He excels as an infielder, an outfielder and as a pitcher.  He is a strong hitter and runs very well.  Jim is extremely competitive, and Jim’s head is always in the game.  He has also been an important member of Back Office Associates playing wherever he is needed.  We are proud to induct Jim Van Baalen in to the Hall of Fame.  

JUDY KENNEDY - Judy Kennedy is a fine defensive outfielder.  She hits well and she runs well.  She is often used as a pinch runner. Judy is a great teammate and has the respect of all those who have played with her over the years.   Judy has served the league as Recording Secretary of the Board of Directors for the last 8 years.  Join me in welcoming Judy Kennedy to the Hall of Fame.     

BILL PAGE - Bill Page has been an excellent pitcher in the Cape Cod Senior Softball League for many years.  He was instrumental in many of the victories and tournament championships racked up by Back Office Associates.  Bill always plays with poise and is always a gentleman on and off the field.  Bill is a West Point Graduate and it shows.  The Hall of Fame is happy to welcome Bill Page.  

GUY BRIGADA - Guy Brigida has been an outstanding player in our league for over 20 years.  He has always been a good hitter and fielder and a very competitive player.  Injuries have slowed Guy in recent years, but those of us who have been in the league for a while, remember what a fine ballplayer Guy Brigida was. He also served many years as an umpire and helped train many of the other umpires.  Guy knows softball and always plays to win.  Guy Brigida is a worthy addition to the Hall of Fame.  

Class of 2015

GLEN ROSE - Glen Rose is the ultimate team player.  Glen shines on defense at any position he is asked to play.  He is a fine infielder and a very talented outfielder.  He has been one of the best hitters in Senior Softball every year he has played.  Glen has been a leader on the Travel Team as well, and has helped in several Cape Cod tournament victories.  He has also served our league as an umpire.  Glen was, in his high school days, the all-time greatest basketball player in the history of Cape Cod. Glen went on to be a star at the college level. He is also a legend on Cape Cod as a most successful high school basketball coach.  It is with great pleasure, we welcome Glen Rose to the Hall of Fame.    

CHRIS SWEENEY - Chris Sweeney has been a mainstay with the Back Office Team that has competed with so much success through the years.  A terrific shortstop, any team with Chris Sweeney is competitive.  He has particular skill with regard to positioning himself in line with the hitting tendencies of the batter, taking away dozens of hits.  When Chris pitches, which he also does with significant skill, his great fielding ability eliminates the middle of the infield to the batter.  Chris a strong hitter.  He has also served in our league as a manager and Chris is always a team leader.  A ball-player’s ball-player.   Chris Sweeney is now a member of the Hall of Fame.       

HANK BALDASSARRI - Hank is a very competitive ballplayer.  He excels as an outfielder and is a consistently good hitter.  He remains today as a fast and alert base runner.  Hank has served our league as an umpire for many years.  A regular on our travel team, Hank has contributed to the many victories enjoyed by Back Office Associates in tournaments all over the country.  During his working days, Hank was a high school teacher and also served as an officer in the Coast Guard Reserve.   The Cape Cod Senior Softball League is honored to include Hank Baldassarri in its Hall of Fame. 

JACK FERRIE - Jack is the ultimate team player.  He has played in the Cape Cod Senior Softball League for 21 years.  Jack has played both the infield and the outfield with equal skill.  Whether it’s been moving a runner along or driving a single to spark a rally, Jack has played our game the right way and has always been a favorite of the managers who had the good fortune to have him on their team.  Jack has played many years for Back Office Associates and Jack has also served as the travel team’s business manager.  Jack was also a fast and talented baserunner which increases his value as a player.  The Hall of Fame is privileged to induct Jack Ferrie.  

NATE KOPPEL - Nate Koppel has always been a star player.  He was a standout at New Britain High School in Connecticut and later at Boston University.   Nate has shown the ability to spray his hits where ever he chooses on the field, and often gets an extra base hit for his effort.  He has used his height and reach to great advantage in the field.  Nate served as the highly successful manager of Yardarm for several years and has been an important member of the Championship Teams sponsored by Back Office Associates.  A very competitive player softball player, Nate Koppel also excels on the golf course.  We welcome Nate Koppel to the Hall of Fame.       

Class of 2014

JOE CAFAZZO - Joe Cafazzo played in our league for 16 years.  He was a consistent batter who hit sharp line drives and could always be counted on in the clutch.  He made big plays in the infield.  He was selected for the Travel Team each year he played and was a major contributor on the 70’s team that placed 2nd in the 2001 National Championship Tournament in Canton, Ohio.  A great teammate, he was always first to volunteer to take an injured player to the emergency room.  More than once, he stayed late to help that player and get him home safely.  There were many work parties in the early years pulling weeds, building fences, installing backstops, and maintaining grass.  He was always there with his wheel barrow and pickup truck.  He would decorate that same truck and find a trumpet player and drummer for the Chatham 4th of July Parade.  Welcome to the Hall of Fame, Joe Cafazzo.   

HANK BOWEN - Hank Bowen is a fine infielder and a strong hitter.  He is competitive and plays with a winning attitude.  Hank continues to run well. Hank has been a umpire for many years and has been a Board Member.  He was President of the Masters Division for 2014.  Hank has been active in his community of Dennis and has served as Chair of the Dennis Recreation Commission among other posts.  He has been a volunteer at the Cape Cod Hospital for 15 years.  A fine player and a fine representative of Cape Cod Senior Softball, we are happy to add Hank Bowen to the Hall of Fame.

JOE GRAZIOSI - Joe Graziosi is an amazing softball player.  Joe often competes with players who are 10 to 12 years younger and yet Joe is one of the best players on his team and one of the better players in his league.  Joe is a very strong hitter and a good fielder with an accurate arm.  His play is such that no one can believe how old he is.  Joe has also been an excellent player for the Back Office Associates travel team.  He always plays with a winning attitude and always has a smile on his face.  Joe loves to play softball. The Cape Cod Senior Softball League Hall of Fame welcomes Joe Graz.

DAN JAMES - Dan James has long been a mainstay in the Cape Cod Senior Softball League.  Dan has done it all.  Dan has been a fine player, an umpire, a manager and a league official.  Dan was a player on our travel team for many years.  In addition, Dan has served the league for years as a consultant in the area of insurance for the league.  Dan won the Spirit of Joe Cassidy Award in 2011.  In 2014, Dan reinvented himself and was a most effective pitcher of Bonatt’s Bakery, which won both the regular season crown and the playoffs.  Dan James is a very worthy addition to the Hall of Fame.

TOM RADZIEWICZ - Tom is the first player to be inducted in the Hall of Fame from one of the lower divisions.  Tom is a very skilled player and one of the important players on Back Office Associates.  This year, Tom managed Back Office to the championship in the 70’s  AAA division in the Cape Cod Classic.  Tom is an umpire and has served as a manager and on the Board.  He was Director of the Cape Cod Classic, which has become one of the highlights of the softball season on the entire East Coast.  Tom had served the league in many ways.  We are delighted to induct Tom Radziewicz to the Hall of Fame.

Class of 2013

VAN KHACHADOORIAN - Van Khachadoorian served as Commissioner of the Cape Cod Senior Softball League for 11 years.  He had been a league official prior to becoming Commissioner.  During his term of office, Van made or participated in all of the important decisions that affected the Cape Cod Senior Softball League.  Van has had the League’s best interests in mind during all of his years of participation.  It was during Van’s regime that the league adopted standardized uniforms.  He has been a fine outfielder for his entire Senior softball career. He has also served for years as an umpire.  He showed particular skill in his many negotiations with the Town of Harwich.  We are proud to induct Van Khachadoorian in the Hall of Fame. 

DICK CARROLL - Dick Carroll has been a consistently good player in the Cape Cod Senior Softball League for over 20 years.  He has been a willing contributor to the league throughout that entire time.  Dick was particularly instrumental in the development of the Cape Cod Classic Senior Softball Tournament.  Dick was Maynard Simpson’s right-hand man. The Classic has become one of the finest Senior Tournaments in the country.  Dick also helped to purchase equipment for the league over the years.   For years, Dick was a mainstay in the Tuesday and Thursday practices.  Many players know of Dick’s poker chip method of determining teams.  We welcome Dick Carroll to the Hall of Fame.    

VINCE VAN NORMAN - Vince Van Norman has been a strong power hitter the entire time he has played senior softball.  Vince has played for nearly two decades.  Always a fine player, Vince has been a mainstay on the Travel Team.  He has represented the league so well.  A very good infielder and a terrific teammate, Vince often provided the big hit that brought his team victory.  He has also served the league for many years as an umpire.  Vince is a solid citizen, a great contributor and a worthy addition to the Hall of Fame. 

JIM PARMELEE - Jim Parmelee has been a premier hitter in the Cape Cod Senior Softball League for more than a decade.  Jim can hit for power and he certainly can hit for average.  Jim has also been a fine player with the glove.  He, also, has been a mainstay of the Cape Cod Senior Softball League’s Travel Teams, both with the Cape Cod Five and The Back Office entries.  It was players like Jim and Vince that brought the National and World Championships to our league.  The Hall of Fame Committee is happy to induct Jim Parmalee.

ROCCO ANNESI - Rocco Annesi has been a strong contributor to the Cape Cod Senior Softball League for years.  He is presently a member of the Board of Directors and very active in the decisions and policies that govern our league.  Sometimes known as the “singing umpire”, Rocco’s distinctive strike calls can be heard in countless games each year in the Classic.  Rocco has also been instrumental in the planning of the annual picnic. Rocco also has ordered the League trophies for a number of years. He has also been involved in the many details that make the Annual Awards Banquet possible and enjoyable.  The Cape Cod Senior Softball League owes many thanks to Rocco.  Welcome to the Hall of Fame. 

Class of 2012

MAYNARD SIMPSON – Maynard played in our league for many years as a skilled middle infielder.  He first served as assistant commissioner to Joe Cassidy and then became commissioner serving several terms.  During his terms of office, our league achieved much of the organization and structure we have today.  Our league benefitted greatly from Maynard’s business and organizational skills.  He was the founder of our very successful Cape Cod Senior Softball Classic.  

RALPH HARBECK – Ralph was the dominant player in our league for many years, playing shortstop. Ralph played our game the right way.  Any team with Ralph Harbeck was competitive.  The age groupings were different during Ralph’s era.  58 year olds played with 67 year olds, and even when he neared the upper age limit Ralph was still the best. 

BUDDY ROSE - Buddy has been a significant player in our league for about 20 years. He was always a feared clean-up hitter.  He was always a great and respected teammate.  Everyone who has played with Buddy is aware of his constant good nature. Buddy was an important contributor in building Memorial Field.  

DICK CONNOLLY – Dick has been a long-term positive presence in our league.  He has been a player for many years, also serving as an umpire.  He has also been President of Division 4 for many years.  As the director of the classic he increased the participation and profits by a significant amount.  Dick is proud to be a U.S. Marine.

BERNIE POWERS - Bernie has been kind of a Swiss army knife for our league.  He is a skilled and competitive player. He continues to serve as an umpire. He is now manager of the Back Office Associates travel team. Whenever Cape Cod Senior Softball League had a need, Bernie stepped into the void. Bernie served successfully as league commissioner between 2 of Maynard Simpson’s terms.

TOMMY BURKE – Tommy has been a mainstay in our league for many years.  He has accomplished so many different things.  Tommy has been a skilled and competitive player, a supportive presence at hundreds of games, runs the umpire training and continues to serve as an umpire.  Tommy works tirelessly to make and keep our fields more playable.

Class of 2011

JOE CASSIDY - From the age of 7 Joe was active in the sport of baseball.  He was very active in the Blackstone Valley, both playing and managing in various leagues from high school through his adult working days.  Later, he got interested in senior softball in the Providence area, playing successfully in tournaments around the country.  After moving to the Cape, Joe used his many contacts to organize the first senior softball league on Cape Cod, which has developed into its present form.  His skills as a player and manager carried forth in his stellar 27 year history with our league.

DICK SULLIVAN – Dick was extremely active in developing baseball programs at Hofstra University, progressing to Dean and Vice President, including the oversight of the sports program.  After 15 years, he came to Cape Cod Community College in a development role helping to grow the school in all elements of education.  During this period he was active in the Cape Cod Baseball League ascending to Commissioner.  He was active in the early stages of our league's development serving as a player, manager, and finally as player/manager of the Back Office Associates during their recent successful championship runs.

JERRY HACHADOURIAN - Playing amateur baseball from grammar school, through high school and into the Boston Park League, Jerry was always an all-star excelling at both shortstop and 3rd base, known for both his fielding prowess and his strong arm.  At one point in his career he was signed to a minor league contract by the Red Sox.  He was unable to continue this career because of family responsibilities.  Following his retirement Jerry came to Cape Cod where he joined Joe Cassidy in helping to form our senior softball league.  In the past 25 years Jerry has won many accolades as a player, manager, and MVP on championship teams.