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Policies & Procedures

Cape Cod Senior Softball League (CCSSL) Board Policies


The Following Policies Supersede Any Previous Policies and Procedures

Adopted 3/2021


Roster Development


The Board of Directors meeting in quorum will designate the divisions for the League.  Applications for the following season will be available after the conclusion of the current season.  An early reduced fee rate of $125 will apply to all applications received by February 1st.  Applications from returning players received after February 1st will be charged the full fee of $150.  The reason for this difference is to encourage early applications to allow the Board of Directors time to assess the numbers of players at each age & performance ratings to determine the number of teams in each division and allow time to process requests to play in a different division.  New players to the league will be assessed the lower fee regardless of when they apply since recruiting efforts will be ongoing throughout the off-season.

Player Assignments by Division Player Evaluation and Assignment Committees (PEAC):

The Player Evaluation and Assignment Committee (PEAC) shall be an independent body of players who are officially recommended by the Division Presidents and approved by the Board. PEACs shall be exclusive of Managers, Division Presidents, Board members and the League Commissioner.  PEACs shall serve from the time right after teams are formed in a given season until the teams are formed the following season.  PEACs should have one member from each team in the division.  The PEACs may utilize any information available to them or which they may request but will retain the final decision on player assignments to teams.  Each division will conduct a managers’ selection of players for their teams.  The PEAC shall meet with managers after they have completed their rosters to determine any personal conflicts on teams or perceived imbalances in performance levels among the teams.  Any conflicts that are not resolved at that time shall be forwarded to the Age Reassignment Committee (ARC) for a final ruling.  The PEAC will also be responsible for any roster changes during the season.


Division Assignments

The goal of assigning players to a particular division is to ensure that each division is strong and competitive and in the best interest of the league while maintaining competitive balance throughout.


In accordance with the bylaws of the CCSSL, players are placed in divisions based on age and performance ratings. This allows players to be assigned to an older or younger division if they meet certain criteria. These criteria include but are not limited to:

  • Player evaluations are submitted by their manager for the completed season
  • Division mangers and PEAC members review of all players in a division which develops a consensus list of Player evaluations
  • Statistics from prior completed seasons
  • Player safety


In the past, the CCSSL has considered whether a player can only play morning or evening, as requested on the player application.  This will continue unless that player poses a danger to himself/herself or others.  However, these exceptions to continue in a younger division that a player does not qualify to play in will be a one-year waiver and the player will be placed in the appropriate division for the subsequent year.  The reason for the request will also be considered and is subject to verification.  Player preference is not considered a valid reason for such a request


A preliminary determination of whether a player can play in a different division can take place in the fall/winter once all the evaluations have been completed. 


Division Placement Policy

The CCSSL will develop the number of league divisions approved by the Board.  Each division will have at least four teams while maintaining a competitive balance in each.  Maintaining competitive balance in each division is the determining factor in assigning players to a division.  Based on performance ratings, players may be moved to an older division to achieve the goal of competitive divisions.


Although each division will have an approximate range of ages, established performance ratings will be the primary factor in placing players. The range of ages for each division will be based as follows:

                Cassidy Division -   50-59

                Simpson Division - 60-69

                Winnett Division - 70-76

                Rose Division –      77+


Player performance ratings, as stated above, based on prior seasons will be used to determine if returning players have demonstrated whether the player has earned their right to remain in their current division. 


For each division, after the season, the average rating will be determined based on the final performance ratings.  This process will be completed and submitted to the commissioner by September 30th following each season.  In each division, once this performance rating process has been completed, the average rating for that division will be determined.  Those players whose performance rating has been established as above average, will be guaranteed the right to remain in that division for as long as their rating remains above average.  They will retain the right to opt to move to the next higher division.  Players whose performance rating has been established as below average in their current division, may be moved to the next older division. 


New players entering the league and players returning to the league after playing less than half of the previous season must be evaluated in the CCSSL evaluation sessions prior to the season. These players must attend a minimum of one evaluation sessions in order to be considered for placement on a team.  This will not apply to players who opted out of the 2020 season.  Each year, three evaluation sessions will be held where the players will be evaluated by the PEACs.  Should an evaluation session be cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen reasons, the Commissioner, working in conjunction with the Division Presidents, will determine if a make-up session is needed.  Players who do not attend the minimum of one evaluation session (unless cancelled), will be placed in the league “Player Pool” and play in preseason games for further skill evaluation.  At the conclusion of the evaluation sessions, a player may, as space allows, be placed in a division appropriate to his/her ability exhibited during the evaluation sessions.  Exceptions for safety reasons may be made.  At the conclusion of the evaluations by the PEACs, those ratings sheets will be handed to the Commissioner and the process for placement will follow that outlined for returning players in the next section.


The Process for Division Placement

Players who have applied by February 1st could be placed in a division as early as March 1st of that season.

Assignments for the placement will be organized by the chair of the Age Reassignment Committee (ARC) who will gather ratings for each division and the chair of the Applications Committee who has all the pertinent information on all players who have applied. 

Lists will be developed in the following stages in an objective manner:

  1. The applicants are initially broken down by age
  2. All new players are placed in the age-appropriate division (subject to reassignment following evaluations)
  3. The age lists are then compared with the ratings.  Above average rated players remain in that division.  Below average players are then subject to be moved based on the needs of the next higher divisions to develop a competitive balance as needed.  Once each division is near the number needed to fill teams, the adjustments are stopped, allowing for late registrants and new players.
  4. After establishing players for a specific division, the lists are given to the division presidents for comments and questions
  5. Exceptions on performance ratings may be made to assure an adequate number of primary pitchers in each division
  6. Publish the initial list to allow players the opportunity to see where they can potentially be placed

Any additional action will be directed to the Age Reassignment Committee (ARC).  Contact information will be posted along with any information about placements

Follow up for players wishing to contact the ARC about their placement to a division:

  1. Players who wish to play in the next older division
  2. Players who disagree with their placement (other than age and/or performance)
  3. Players with extenuating circumstances

The ARC will weigh the merits and decide on each appeal.  The decision of the ARC shall be the final decision.


Replacement Players:

Replacement players placed on an existing team, whether permanent or temporary, must come from the current permanent pool player list.  Replacement players assigned to an existing team will be responsible for paying the additional playing fee commensurate with all regular players in the league and for returning their pool player uniform.  New players arriving after July 1st may only be added to the pool player list and only assigned permanently in extraordinary circumstances by the divisional PEAC.  

League Business

Capital Projects:

Capital Projects will require at least two bids and approval of the Board of Directors before work begins.  Capital Projects are defined as projects which will be done by outside contractors/vendors and not players in the league and cost at least $2,000.


Dual Approval:

Expenditures of league funds which result in a single payment of $5,000.00 or more will require the signature of the Treasurer and Commissioner’s signatures on the check.  The Commissioner will sign a statement for the Treasurer’s records that he/she approves this expenditure.


Board Vacancies:

If an opening occurs on the Board of Directors requiring the board to fill the vacancy pursuant to the current by-laws, the vacancy will be filled by a vote of the board to fill the remainder of the vacated term.  The vacancy must be advertised on the league website for 15 days.


  1. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for approving permanent committees.  The Commissioner may, from time to time, designate temporary committees and any member of the League may serve on such committees.  The Commissioner shall appoint the Chairman of all committees, and the Chairman shall then select the members of the committee, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.  Committees shall meet at the discretion of the Chairman.
  2. No members of the nominating committee may be nominated for election to the Board except from the floor at the Annual Meeting.
  3. No member may serve on more than one (1) permanent committee at the same time.  Exceptions may be permitted depending on the need of members available to serve on multiple committees with the approval of the Board of Directors. 
  4. No committee shall have a majority of elected Board Members as members of the Committee.  No committee shall have more than four (4) Board members on the committee.


Rules of Play:

All the rules for the Cape Cod Senior Softball League will be outlined in the Cape Cod Senior Softball Rule Book.  Annual adjustments to the rules may be recommended by the Rules Committee and submitted to the Board of Directors and if approved, instituted as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.



All Managers shall be recommended by the Division Presidents to the Board of Directors to be appointed or reappointed on an annual basis pending the successful outcome of their performance of responsibilities. The general standards for evaluating Division Managers shall include, but not be limited to, the following criteria:    

  • knowledge of the game
  • ability to successfully interact with their team members, other Division Managers, umpires, Division President and Commissioner
  • ability to evaluate player skills/talent; possess strong organizational and other managerial skills
  • maintain and report all statistics for each individual game
  • abide by the Pool Player procedures
  • abide by and assist with the Player Code of Conduct


The Board shall finalize all Managers’ appointments based on the recommendation of the Division President.


No member of the Board of directors may hold the position of manager in the league, unless granted a waiver by the Board.  A person does not need to play on a team to be eligible to manage.


League Policies:

Policies shall be recommended by the Policy Review Committee (PRC) during the off-season and presented to the Board of Directors for approval.  Once adopted the policies shall remain in effect for the subsequent season, except in cases of extreme circumstances that may affect the safety of players, which may be reviewed during the season.  Requests for changes, additions or deletion of policies by any members of the League shall be considered by the PRC provided a Policy Change Form has been submitted to the committee.  Any change that requires a by-laws amendment should include a survey of the league’s membership.



The minimum age requirement for membership shall be 50 years during a calendar year (January1-December 31).


Membership Levels


Team Player

A team player is one who is a team member and plays on one of the teams in a competitive division in the league for the duration of the regular season. A team player is entitled to participate in all league activities throughout the year.  A team player may also sign up to be a pool player


The cost of regular membership is $150 for the year. A $25 discount is offered for any player who completes their application prior to February 1st of that season.  All new players to the league will also receive the $25 discount for their first season.



Pool Player

A Pool Player is a player who is available to fill in for a team that is missing players during regular-season games.  Pool players may also participate in recreational activities.


The cost of Pool Player membership is $60 for the year.

The cost of Pool membership with eligibility to play on a travel team is $125.



Masters Division Player

A player who opts for the Masters Division only, may participate in that division’s activities on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Masters Division is a recreational only division that is open to those players who apply for this division and other paid members who might be rehabbing from injuries.  A Masters player is entitled to participate in all league activities throughout the year.


The cost of Masters Division players is $30.  There is no additional cost for paid members who participate in the Masters division to rehab from injuries.

The cost of Masters membership with eligibility to play on a travel team is $125.




League Code of Conduct:


Membership in the Cape Cod Senior Softball League (CCSSL) is considered a privilege rather than a right and with that privilege come certain responsibilities. Foremost among these is that members are expected to behave with civility toward each other as well as to everyone else involved in this League's activities.




  • The CCSSL Code of Conduct provides general behavioral guidelines consistent with the responsibilities of membership.
  • Conduct that dishonors a team and/or the League is considered a breach of the Code.
  • Members in violation of the above-mentioned Code of Conduct are subject to a conduct hearing.




  • Player Conduct Committee (PCC) - The PCC shall be comprised of a minimum of 5 league members as follows:
  • A Chairman, the Umpire in Chief, and 3 league members at large appointed by the Chairman
  • Division Presidents will be required to attend hearings as is applicable to their respective division members
  • Team managers will be required to attend hearings for players on their team
  • If a member of the PCC is the subject of a misconduct hearing, he/she cannot sit on the hearing board.  He/she must recuse himself/herself and the Commissioner will replace him/her for that hearing with another Division President.  Any board member who is assigned to the Player Conduct Committee cannot sit on that hearing board for a member of his own team who has been accused of misconduct.  That manager/ division president shall be replaced by the Commissioner with another peer for that particular hearing.
  • The committee is responsible for determining if a player(s) conduct constitutes a breach of the Code of Conduct and the subsequent degree of sanction that is to be applied to said breach, if any.
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct - includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    1. Profanity or vulgar gestures before, during or after a game directed at players, fans or game officials;
    2. Shoving, striking, intimidating or physically/verbally abusing an opponent or official;
    3. Throwing bats or any other objects on the field of play;
    4. Refusing to leave the field when told to do so by a game official;
    5. Any other inappropriate action/behavior deemed unsportsmanlike conduct by game officials/umpires.




  • In the event a player exhibits unsportsmanlike conduct during a game there will be an automatic penalty of ejection from the game plus a suspension from the player's next scheduled game.
  • If an ejected player submits a written appeal within twenty-four hours to the Division President, the one game suspension will be delayed until a PCC meeting can be convened and a decision on the appropriateness of the penalty is rendered.
  • When rendering a decision, the PCC has the authority to do the following:
  1. Reverse the decision in total;
  2. Uphold the decision and issue a reprimand in lieu of    the one game suspension;
  3. Uphold the decision and the penalty;
  4. Uphold the decision and increase the penalty up to and including expulsion from the league.
  • In the event a player is charged with unsportsmanlike conduct by another CCSSL league member at any time other than during a game, the details of the charge must be submitted, in writing, to the respective Division President and/or Commissioner within 72 hours of the incident. A hearing of the accused player will be held by the PCC for a determination of culpability and punishment, if applicable.
  • When rendering a decision in this case, the PCC will do one of the following:
    1. Determine if the incident requires disciplinary action
    2. If the decision is that disciplinary action is warranted, they may issue a reprimand, or:
    3. Issue a penalty up to and including expulsion from the League.
  • In either of the above cases, if the penalty of expulsion from the League is issued by the PCC, approval by the CCSSL Board of Directors (BOD) is required before implementation.  Both parties must attend the meeting at which this decision is made.
  • If the BOD approves an expulsion decision, the Commissioner will convey this decision along with a complete description of the appeal procedures available to the concerned person in writing.



Expulsion Appeal Procedure

  • A member who has been expelled from the league may appeal such decision by notifying the Commissioner in writing within seven (7) days of receipt of the decision.
  • The appeal must specify, in detail, the grounds for the appeal.
  • If the member fails to file a written appeal within the stipulated period, he/she waives his/her right to appeal.
  • An appeal hearing with the Board of Directors will be arranged by the Commissioner and the accused member will be notified in writing as to the time and place of the hearing.
  • The member has the right to appeal based on any of the following grounds:
    1. Evidence of mitigating circumstances (additional evidence);
    2. Evidence of undue severity of the sanction(s);
    3. Evidence of bias on the part of the PCC;
    4. Evidence that the decision is arbitrary, capricious or unreasonable and that the charges are not supported by the evidence.



Player and Game Rules


Each new player will be given a hat, shirt, and either pants or shorts when they join the league for the first time.  After the first year each player will be given a new hat and a shirt representative of their team.  Shirts are to be returned to the team manager at the end of each season.  Managers are responsible for collecting shirts at the final game of the season and give a complete set of shirts to the Division President within ten days of that team’s final game.  Hats and pants are not returned.  Additional pants/shorts may be purchased through the uniform coordinator for cost.  Players will be required to wear the distributed shirt and hat given to them for the season, their own white socks and the pants/shorts given when they joined the league.  Players may substitute pants or shorts in the same color as the ones available from the league and must be dressed in these garments to play in a league game.  Hats will be optional during games, but if a hat is worn, it must be a league hat for the team the player is playing on.  Exceptions to uniform rules may be made by the Board of Directors for extenuating circumstances and will be done in writing.  The exempted player will carry the exemption with them to all games and must present it to the umpire if requested to do so.  Umpires will report players not properly attired to the Division President who will report repeated offenders to the Board.  Repeat offenders risk disciplinary action.


Cancellation of Games and Make-Up Procedures:

In the event of inclement weather, the two managers of the affected teams will communicate and agree that the game should be postponed.  Rain outs should be called no later than two (2) hours before game time, whenever possible.  Managers will be responsible for notifying their team members.  The home team manager will be responsible for notifying the umpires assigned to the game and notifying the make-up coordinator.  Games should not be cancelled simply because the date is inconvenient for one or both teams.


Games will be made up by playing two five, six or seven-inning games in a double header the next time the two teams meet;


The make-up game coordinator will notify the scheduler of the dates of the make-up.  Once the make-up game is scheduled it becomes an official part of the schedule for each team.  Failure for a team to show up for the game will result in a forfeit.


CCSSL Members Who Leave During Season:

CCSSL members, who are assigned to a team following the annual spring assignment process and then decide to depart for reasons other than health or family related issues shall not be permitted to enter the CCSSL pool, participate in the annual Cape Cod Classic or participate on any CCSSL-sponsored Travel Team.


Furthermore, said player(s) shall be required to sit out the remainder of the season and may submit a written request for reinstatement for the following season that must be approved by the full Board.  Failure to file a request for reinstatement will prohibit the player from participating in the subsequent season.

Deadline for Rosters:

Effective on midnight on the day of the final regular season game, team rosters are to be frozen. Teams will be required to complete their season games and enter the playoffs with their team rosters intact as of this date. Pool Players are not eligible to compete in the League Playoffs or Championship games.


Pool Player Policy:

The Cape Cod Senior Softball League will establish and maintain Pool Players in each Division to provide team Managers with a fair and equitable way to fill temporary vacancies in their rosters for regular season games.


Pool Player Procedures:

Division President, Divisional Pool Coordinators

  1. The Division Presidents will appoint and supervise Pool Player Coordinators for each Division and perform administrative duties.
  2. The Division Pool Player Coordinator is responsible for managing a roster of “Regular” and “Permanent” Pool Players and responding to requests from team Managers for Pool Players. The Coordinator for each Division must play in a Division other than the one he is assigned to as Coordinator. 
  3. Coordinators will attend pre-season games to recruit Regular Pool Players.


“Permanent” and “Regular” Pool Players

  1. Permanent Pool Players are players unassigned to established teams who have registered with the League, paid their Pool Player dues, and signed a Waiver of Liability.
  2. Regular Pool Players are players from established teams who have volunteered to be Pool Players. They may not play as Pool Players in their own Division.
  3. A player who joins the CCSSL after the initial team assignments have been made can request to be assigned to an established team or as a Pool Player by contacting any Division President.  The Division Presidents in coordination with the PEAC will determine the new player’s team or pool assignment and whether he is an Impact Player. 


“Impact Players”

  1. Prior to June 1, the Division President will submit a list of perspective Permanent and Regular Pool Players to the Division Presidents and the Player Evaluation & Assignment Committee to determine the Impact Players in each Division
  2. Impact Players are ineligible to play in higher age bracket Divisions.
  3. Definition of an Impact Player is a player who has the potential to change the outcome of the game—either positively or negatively.


Requests for Pool Players

  1. Managers who expect to have nine (9) regular roster players or less for a game may request up to two (2) Pool Player replacements.  Managers who expect ten (10) players may request one (1) Pool Player.   
  2. At no time may a team utilizing a Pool Player have more than eleven (11) active players on its bench for the game, including Non-Fielding players.  Non-playing managers and scorekeepers may be on the bench.  Injured players, out of uniform, may sit on the bench but not enter the game under any circumstances.
  3. Managers requesting Pool Players must provide the Coordinator with the names of the regular roster players for which Pool Player replacements are requested and the name of the opposing team for the game.
  4. All requests for Pool Players must be made by the Manager to the Division Coordinator at least 24 hours, if possible, before the scheduled game.
  5. Only Pool Players assigned by the Coordinator in response to a request may play in the designated game. If a team uses a substitute player other than an assigned Pool Player, the team will automatically forfeit the game without recourse and also be penalized by forfeiture of a prior win in the League standings.


Assignment of Pool Players

  1. The Division Coordinator will provide Pool Players from his list of Permanent Pool Players first and then, if none are available, from his list of Regular Pool Players. This is intended to give Managers visibility to as many Permanent Pool Players as possible in order to help determine those to be designated Impact Players.
  2. Pool Player Coordinators for each Division shall first assign Permanent Pool Players to a team from the combined Pool Player list.
  3. In response to a request for a Pool Player(s), the Coordinator will notify the requesting Manager by e-mail or other form of contact, with a copy to the Manager of the opposing team, of the name(s) of the Pool Player(s) assigned and the name(s) of the replaced regular roster player(s) who will no longer be eligible to play in the game.
  4. Except during pre-season games, Pool Players will only be assigned to positions of catcher, right field or right-center field.
  5. Pool Players must play every inning in the field and bat last in the batting order.


“Regular” Pool Player Staffing by Division

  1. The Cassidy Division Pool will be supplied by non-Impact Player volunteers in the Simpson Division.
  2. The Simpson Division Pool will be supplied by Non-Impact Player volunteers in the Cassidy Division and the Winnett/Rose Division.
  3. The Winnett/Rose Division Pool will be staffed by Non-Impact Player volunteers in the Simpson Division.
  4. In the case of a 4-division league, the Winnett Division Pool will be staffed by Non-Impact Player volunteers in the Simpson Division & the Rose Division
  5. In the case of a 4-division league, Rose Division Pool will be staffed by Non-Impact Player volunteers in the Winnett Division.


Playoff Games

  1. Pool Players will not be eligible for playoff games under the normal procedures.  However, if a team will be below an active eleven (11) man roster during post season playoffs, the Manager may request the Board to authorize the use of a Pool Player(s) to bring the team’s roster up to eleven (11) players.  This request must be made prior to midnight of the day the last game of the season is played
  2. The PEAC will assign a named Pool Player(s) to the team’s roster for the duration of the playoffs.



Playoff Policies


Tie Breaker Policy

In the case of teams who complete the regular season with identical records, the following tiebreaker system will be used to determine playoff seeding:


Tiebreaker number 1              Head to head record

Tiebreaker number 2               Lowest number of runs allowed in all games played

Tiebreaker number 3              Lowest run differential in all games played

Tiebreaker number 4              Coin flip


Playoffs Home Team Policy

The home team for playoffs shall be the higher seeded team until the championship game when the team from the winners’ bracket will be the home team despite seeding.  The home team for the “if necessary” game will be determined by a coin flip.

Travel Team Policy



The purpose of the Cape Cod Senior Softball League (“CCSSL”) Travel Teams is to participate in local, regional and national tournaments in the appropriate age brackets.  These tournaments will provide CCSSL members the opportunity to compete at another level of competition and to represent the CCSSL.


Travel Team Guidelines:

  1. Only paid members of the CCSSL shall be selected to play on any of the CCSSL Teams.  Pool Players will be eligible to participate on any/all Travel Teams at the sole discretion of the age appropriate Travel Team Manager. 
  2. Travel Team members must play within their current division as determined by age appropriate age level. Exception shall be allowed in accordance with a formal agreement between age established Travel Team Manager(s).
  3. CCSSL members may “play down” (lower division) if no Travel Team has been established at their appropriate age level or if there are no scheduled tournaments for which a conflict may occur.
  4. CCSSL members may not “play up” on any established/approved Travel Team unless approval is established under National Association Softball Rules of Play for specific tournaments.
  5. The CCSSL will support and authorize only one Travel Team for each of the established divisions.
  6. It is expected that each member of a CCSSL sponsored Travel Team shall abide by the rules and regulations established by their Team Manager and shall represent CCSSL with the highest standards of behavior during their participation in all Local, Regional and National Tournaments.
  7. Failure to adhere to game protocols as established by their Manager/Assistant Manager may result in disciplinary measures which include, but are not limited to, the following: (1) verbal warnings; (2) game suspension; (3) immediate dismissal from their Travel Team roster.
  8. Disciplinary decisions and actions by Team Managers/Assistant Managers will be final, binding and shall not be subject to further appeals or hearings by the aggrieved parties to the CCSSL Commissioner or members of the Board of Directors.


Travel Team Managers

  1. Each year members of the CCSSL who wish to serve as a Travel Team Manager shall request, in writing, their intent by contacting the CCSSL Commissioner prior to December 1st.
  2. Candidates for the position of Travel Team Manager may be formally interviewed by members of the CCSSL Board of Directors prior to an official vote of their selection. The CCSSL Commissioner shall give final approval to all Travel Team Manager appointments.
  3. The CCSSL Board of Directors reserves the authority and responsibility to remove any Travel Team Manager or player for just cause and/or other related violation.
  4. Any/all CCSSL members may be considered for the position of Travel Team Manager or Assistant Manager.
  5. Travel Team Managers shall organize their teams with players from within their respective division and appropriate age levels through open tryouts.
  6. All dates and field locations for scheduled player tryouts shall be forwarded to the CCSSL Board of Directors for publication on the CCSSL website.
  7. At the conclusion of any/all player tryouts managers shall submit their Travel Team rosters to the Commissioner and CCSSL Board of Directors prior to May 15.
  8. Any/all financial support received from independent sponsors or generated by a specific Travel Team member shall be forwarded to the CCSSL Treasurer for record-keeping purposes and disbursement for team expenses as needed.
  9. Travel Team Managers who are appointed annually by the CCSSL Commissioner shall be granted full authority and have sole responsibility to oversee and administer all aspects of their team.


Travel Team Scheduling

  1. Travel Team Managers shall submit a schedule of their planned tournaments to the Commissioner prior to May 15th each year.
  2. Additional tournament games will not be scheduled without prior approval of the CCSSL Board of Directors.  This is subject to review as determined by special circumstances.



Classic Note:

  1. The CCSSL Board of Directors continues to support and encourage other non-Travel team players to organize age-appropriate teams to compete in all division-level CCSSL Classic Tournament games scheduled annually.
  2. Members of CCSSL who are listed on Travel Team Rosters shall remain with their original Travel Team during the Fall Classic Tournament and will be prohibited from departing from said team without prior approval or agreement by their CCSSL Travel Team Manager.