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Masters Division

Welcome To The Masters Division


In the last few years, we have begun looking at Masters Division as the final stop for League members before retiring from softball.  But that was not the case just 4-5 years ago.  Back then, It was not unusual to see anywhere from 20 to 30 players turn out every Tuesday and Thursday morning for an hour of batting practice followed by playing a 5-6 inning game.  The players typically came from Divisions 3 & 4, along with a few pool players wanting the practice, and even a couple rehabbing from a recent injury.  Still other players just didn’t want to commit to a fixed team schedule during the summer and with Masters they could play anytime they wanted.  And yes, there were always those guys who wanted to keep playing the game they loved but were not able to compete at the level of play the other divisions wanted.  But none of that mattered once the game began.  The distribution of skills was usually balanced between the two teams, and no one really seemed to care what the score was.  Everyone was there to just have fun.

Today, our Masters Division again offers to all players:

  • A place where recreational softball is offered every Tuesday and Thursday mornings to all players without appointment and is free of charge.
  • A place where players can go to work on improving their skills (hitting and fielding), or where Managers can send players to work on specific areas needing improvement.
  • A place where pool players can go to keep their playing skills sharp.
  • A place where an injured player can play as part of their rehabilitation.
  • A place where any player who wants to play every weekday can go to meet that desire.
  • A place where those players who are slowing down can go and play safely in a less competitive environment.

Our League has always offered both organized, competitive softball as well as RECREATIONAL softball.  Our Masters Division enables our League to continue doing just that.  So, begin again looking at Masters as a way to both improve playing skills and for recreational fun!