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Help Wanted

As a league, the CCSSL is looking to add programs designed to engage more players, promote community and to just bring on the fun!  Below find a list of some of these new events and programs.  As with all things, our success will be driven by the contributions of our membership.

If you have an interest in getting involved in any of these areas, please drop an email to or contact a member of the board of directors.

Thank you!

Jim Gunning

Areas of Need

Celebration of Softball

On Saturday, April 20 at Harwich Fields, the CCSSL will be celebrating the start of our new season.  This is a new event and we’re working on a blank slate at this point.  All players will be invited and we’re looking to invite other teams to join in on games to be played throughout the afternoon.  Invited groups might be the Codgers from Falmouth, the women’s league, and little league.  There will be food, booths, equipment, maybe a raffle…   We need some folks to plan and execute what we hope becomes an annual event.

Social Media

Other than our league website, we have no real virtual presence.  It’s past time that we get active on social media.  We would use these channels to recruit, disseminate information and get more active in the community.  Needed is a director of the program and administrators are needed to manage the pages.

Coed Softball

A goal for the league in 2024 is to establish a Coed Program.  It’s envisioned that we’ll have six teams, and each will play one game per week.  Rules covering the number of women required per team and on field playing rules need to be established.  A Program Director and Assistants are needed to get the program off the ground.

Interleague Play

Movement is afoot to schedule and play interleague games with our Falmouth counterparts periodically through out the season.  There is reported interest from other senior leagues to get involved as well.  It is likely these would be home-and-home sequences of play at various ages and skill sets.  We’re looking for a coordinator to interact with the other leagues to plan and schedule the games.

New Player Clinics

In early to mid-April, the league will be offering clinics ahead of evaluations to prepare new players for the upcoming season.  Often, we are bringing on players who have been inactive for many years, in some cases decades, that would benefit from instruction.  We’re looking for instructors, on field personnel and a coordinator to orchestrate these days effectively.