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May 17 BOD Meeting Minutes

06/26/2022, 10:15am EDT
By Debbie Conners

Board addresses courtesy catcher and pool player rules.

Cape Cod Senior Softball Board of Directors Meeting

May 17, 2022, 2:00 PM, Harwich Community Center


Members present:  Wayne Draeger, Peter Cutler, Jim Gunning, Michael Barry, Ben Caswell, Jim Gresis, Bob Callahan, William Eagan, Bill Prodgers, and Debbie Connors (zoom).   Guests: Van Khachadoorian, Charlie Salerno. Not Present: John Hession, Peter Strand


Meeting called to order by Wayne Draeger at 2:00 pm.


Approval of Board Minutes – April 29, 2022

Motion to accept the minutes was made by Bob Callahan, seconded by Bill Eagan, and passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report- Deferred until next meeting.

League Matters/Reports

Discussion on 2022 season launch –Division Presidents

Motion to allow the Division Presidents to set their own rules on the use of courtesy catchers in 2022 season games.  Motion made by Bill Eagan, seconded by Bob Callahan, passed, 5 in favor, 3 opposed.

The viable options are:

  1. Allow courtesy catchers with full responsibility as a catcher.  Team managers at games where one or both teams have less than 11 defensive players must both agree to this.
  2. Allow “throwback” catchers only.  The defensive team is responsible for making plays at home plate.

3. Do not allow courtesy catchers.  A team with less than 11 defensive players would need to cover this position with one of their players.

Managers need to inform the umpires of these arrangements prior to the start of these games.

Pool Player Policy Alternative– Jim Gresis

Pool Player Policy

 - Permanent and Regular Pool Players


Motion to add the language “In divisions with ‘bye’ teams, players from that team may play as pool players for other teams with the approval of the Division President (if no regular Pool players are available) made by Mike Barry, seconded by Bob Callahan.

Amendment to original Motion to include language Players from “idle” teams.  Amendment passed, 5 in Favor, 2 Opposed.

Amended motion passed, 5 in Favor, 2 Opposed.

Other Business:


Motion to engage Paul Drake as the league photographer and pay him $1,000 for the season.  Motion passed, 5 in favor, 1 abstained.


Bob Callahan moved to adjourn to an executive session at 3:15 pm to discuss a personnel matter, seconded by Bill Prodgers and passed.


The Board reconvened from executive session at 3:27 pm and resumed its regular meeting.


Bill Eagan moved to adjourn the meeting at 3:50pm, seconded by Bob Callahan and passed.



Future Meeting Dates

Third Tuesdays each month, 2PM – Harwich Community Center

6/21, 7/19, 8/16, 9/20


Respectively Submitted,

Debbie Connors




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