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    Cape Cod Senior Softball

    Simpson Division Update

    The Simpson division is going to be a hitter’s league if early results are any indication.  Twenty run games have been commonplace and high batting averages are being logged across the division.  Paradise Pizza remains undefeated at 6-0 driven by great hitting and sound defense.  That said, there’s a long way to go. 

    Check out a game… these guys can play!

    The Latest CCSSL News


    General League Announcement - Mask Rules

    With the recent lifting of the COVID-19 restrictions by the CDC and also the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, our League will take the following actions:

    • CCSSL protocols currently shown on our league website will be immediately removed.
    • If you have been fully vaccinated with the recommended doses of the vaccine all further requirements to wear face covering masks has been lifted.

    Finally, we must remain safe and vigilant as we move forward throughout the summer months.

    Should there be further changes in the State /National CCOVID-19 Guidelines we will keep you informed as they may affect our membership.

    Thanks. Have a great summer!

    Van Khachadoorian, Commissioner

    All Members

    You have probably heard by now that Terry Moran has decided to “step down” as our Webmaster and member of the Board of Directors effective Friday, May 15, 2021.

    His decision was based on several factors including work and family responsibilities and as president of the Cotuit Kettleers of the Cape Cod Baseball League, a major challenge as the teams prepare for the 2021 season.

    For those members who are not familiar with Terry, let me share a few accomplishments he has achieved. Terry served for eight years on the CCSSL Board and was elected as our sixth Commissioner and served two terms (4 years). Prior to his tenure on the on the Board period Terry assumed the role as Webmaster for the League in 2013―a tremendous responsibility which he continued until this season. He also served as Chairman of the By-Laws Committee, Policy Committee, revised the application process and served as an umpire for 11 years, team manager, and PEAC member to name just a few tasks he has undertaken throughout his tenure with CCSSL.

    Unquestionably, Terry has certainly given his effort, commitment, and wholehearted dedication to the League and we―all of us― appreciate it very much!  I am certain his decision to retire will have a profound impact on the volumes of information he has generated each week, keeping our members fully informed and engaged regarding league activities.

    On a personal note―I shall personally miss Terry as a colleague, Board member, confidant and, importantly, a true friend who often assisted me in making decisions.  Terry, a warm thank you for your outstanding attention to details as you performed your role as Webmaster during these past many seasons.

    Effective May 16, 2021 JIM Gunning, member of Division 1, has agreed to assume the position of Webmaster for the remainder of the 2021 season.  We look forward to appointing Jim to a permanent position once he is established and comfortable in this important new assignment. We also thank Jim for “stepping up” and volunteering for this assignment and are most confident that he and Terry will coordinate a smooth transition as we move forward.

    In my recent conversations with Terry, he has requested that, as of May 15, 2021, all further correspondence and postings on the website should be forwarded to Jim Gunning for official actions. And, further, any postings on the website should be approved by the Commissioner in order to maintain some semblance of order and priority.

    Finally, Jim Gunning will begin his duties on May 16, 2021 and may be contacted at:

    Phone: 617-515-9434 OR


    If there are any questions regarding this general announcement, please contact Van at 508-360-3454. Thank you.

    Van Khachadoorian, Commissioner

    Masters Division

    In the last few years, we have begun looking at Masters Division as the final stop for League members before retiring from softball.  But that was not the case just 4-5 years ago.  Back then, It was not unusual to see anywhere from 20 to 30 players turn out every Tuesday and Thursday morning for an hour of batting practice followed by playing a 5-6 inning game.  The players typically came from Divisions 3 & 4, along with a few pool players wanting the practice, and even a couple rehabbing from a recent injury.  Still other players just didn’t want to commit to a fixed team schedule during the summer and with Masters they could play anytime they wanted.  And yes, there were always those guys who wanted to keep playing the game they loved but were not able to compete at the level of play the other divisions wanted.  But none of that mattered once the game began.  The distribution of skills was usually balanced between the two teams, and no one really seemed to care what the score was.  Everyone was there to just have fun.

    Today, our Masters Division again offers to all players:

    • A place where recreational softball is offered every Tuesday and Thursday mornings to all players without appointment and is free of charge.
    • A place where players can go to work on improving their skills (hitting and fielding), or where Managers can send players to work on specific areas needing improvement.
    • A place where pool players can go to keep their playing skills sharp.
    • A place where an injured player can play as part of their rehabilitation.
    • A place where any player who wants to play every weekday can go to meet that desire.
    • A place where those players who are slowing down can go and play safely in a less competitive environment.

    Our League has always offered both organized, competitive softball as well as RECREATIONAL softball.  Our Masters Division enables our League to continue doing just that.  So, begin again looking at Masters as a way to both improve playing skills and for recreational fun!

    Joseph Cassidy Spirit of Softball Award Winner Wayne Draeger


    The 2019 Joseph Cassidy Spirit of Softball Award winner is Wayne Draeger who has made the CCSSL Classic the envy of softball tournaments.  Thank you, Wayne for all of your hard work!

    70's Travel Team

    The CCSSL’s 70’s Travel Team began the 2019 Tournament Season accepting an invitation to play in the Fifth Annual East Coast Senior Softball Tournament in Pompano Beach, Florida March 7th, 8th and 9th.

    Playing together for the first time as the Cape Cod Dugout Dawgs, the team was seeded fourth out of 14 teams competing in the 70s age group.

    The highlight of the tournament was on day two when the Dugout Dawgs beat last year’s Tournament Champion and this year’s number one seed Cc Medical Services 18-8. Cc Medical is rated by SSUSA as a Major Team.

    The ECSS Tournament allows only 65 minutes per game and batters began each at-bat with a one and one count. The Dugout Dawgs batted all 14 players each game producing 118 hits with the team batting average of .608.

    Additional tournament activity is planned this year including the Cape classic in September and the SSUSA Winter Nationals in Fort Myers, Florida in November.

    Welcome to Our Player Profile Form!

    We are looking to collect information on our players so that we can develop a profile that tells about the varied backgrounds of players. None of this information will be used to talk about individual players. It will allow us build a composite profile of the players in our league for public relations and fundraising purposes only.

    Just Think, if You Apply This Year at the Age of 50, You Could be Playing for the Next 47 Years!

    Senior Softball Team Features a 97 Year Old Catcher and a 90 Year Old Pitcher!

    Watch the Report Here

    Joe Cassidy Memorial

    As you enter the path that leads to Memorial Field, be sure to take a look to your left and see the new memorial to Joe Cassidy, the founder of our league! Joe is the player who made this possible for all of us by starting Senior Softball here on Cape Cod back in 1987.

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    2021 Umpire Sign Up

    To access the 2021 Umpire sign up sheet

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    2021 CCSSL Rule Book

    The Cassidy Division Needs Pool Players

    Division 2 Players:  The Cassidy Division is looking to expand their substitute player pool.  For information, please contact D1 President, Jay Houser at (508)962-5548 

    Suggestion Box

    Sunday D1 Softball

    An additional playing opportunity for Cassidy Division players is now offered each Sunday at 9:00 on Harwich Fields.

    Click Here for Details

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