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A Message from the Commissioner


It's time to start thinking of softball.

Last Friday, January 8, the Board met to begin preparing for our 2021 season.  We discussed various issues, many conveyed to us personally or through the suggestion box on the League's homepage.  Among the general topics were expanded opportunities for play, safety, competitiveness, and rule changes.

We are pleased to announce that Mike McCluskey's Saturday group will now play their games  within the League structure.  This arrangement will allow them to use our fields in Harwich at no additional cost, come under the League's insurance policy, and continue play in Harwich until the weather turns.  Dave Abercrombie's Sunday group will also play at Potter and Memorial and enjoy the same benefits.  We are currently in discussions to expand morning play during the summer months.  Another possibility is a fall league that would play its games on weekday mornings.  We will keep you informed as we pursue these latter two options.

As many players have mentioned to us, you want additional opportunities to compete and we have now been able to arrange for that.  We hope to expand it further. 

Many of you may recall that our priority at this time last year was to establish four competitive teams in Division 3 and four in Division 4.  Unfortunately, that never came to fruition for a couple of reasons.  The first, of course, was COVID-19.  The Board voted to cancel the season due to the virus, which in retrospect was a premature decision.  Once we realized that many of our members wanted to play, and once the Commonwealth said that play could take place under certain safety protocols, we reversed the decision.

But by then -- this is the second reason -- many players had registered to play in what came to be called the Alternate, or Simmons, League.  This was perfectly understandable.  We had cancelled our season and Gary Simmons and his colleagues acted quickly to fill a need.  They played on Monday and Wednesday mornings, just when our Division 3 played, and the League could not recruit enough players to create more than three teams in a combined Division 3 and 4.  The result satisfied no one.

For those reasons we have again made it a priority to re-establish Divisions 3 and 4, each with  four balanced and competitive teams.  There are many ways we can accomplish this, and much depends on the number of players who register and their abilities, but be assured that this is our most compelling goal. And at this time I want to remind everyone that if you want to save $25, register to play before February 1, when the fee increases.

The Board members also were confident that we would be able to play a full schedule this summer.  It is likely, even with a successful vaccination campaign, that we will operate under certain safety strictures, much like last year.  But there is no reason to think that we will be prohibited from playing. 

The Board also discussed umpire recruitment and training, publicity and advertising, and sponsors and rules.  Once we come to a decision on these matters we will inform our members.

Finally, as I and the other Board members, current and former, have said repeatedly, this League belongs to its members.  Members sustain it.  Members volunteer to umpire, serve on committees, prepare the schedule, and organize the Classic.  Members recruit new players.  Members contribute their ideas and time to improving the games, the seasons, the League.

Over the past 33 years thousands of men and women have played on our fields.  They have had the opportunity to exercise, compete, and get to know one another, all in the spirit of good sportsmanship and genuine camaraderie.   

It is the Board's responsibility to preserve and enhance this.  With the support of all members, we will endeavor to do just that.  The Cape Cod Senior Softball League is a local treasure.  Let's keep it so.          

CCSSL Covid Safety Protocols


            Given the wealth of “social media” outlets available today, there are an overabundant “sources” regarding the corona virus.   “Masks work”…”Masks don’t”;  “Surface contact results in minimum infection”….”Wash your hands numerous times a day”;  and, the best one,  “The virus is all a government hoax !!”

             People have differing opinions as to what is needed and/or appropriate to safe guard ourselves and loved ones from sickness.  The Board of the CCSSL has developed these protocols for our league to try and assure the safety of our players as much as possible but there are always unforeseen issues in any physical competition.  Therefore players should be diligent to follow these protocols but may also add to them at their own discretion. Until such time until the COVID threat has passed, players will be required to adhere to these protocols while playing in our league.  Should the State and/or local guidelines change, the CCSSL will adjust these protocols accordingly.


1.  If you have any symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath, sore throat), do not come to play. Please stay at home.


2.  Masks:   It has been documented by medical experts that wearing a cloth

        mask does not protect the wearer from infection.  However, it’s been clearly established that the purpose of the mask is to protect others around us.

       Only an N95  quality mask will protect the wearer.  So, all players will be required to wear a mask around their neck at all times (*see below*)

      Simply put, NO MASK NO PLAY.   However, the mask must be only worn over their nose and mouth under the following conditions:

              a.  For members of the team at bat:

       (1.)  All members of the batting team must social distance (at least 6 feet apart) or cover their mouth and nose with a mask. 

If players on a team do not do this, the first time a warning will be issued, subsequent occurrences by anyone on the team will result  in an “out” to the team.

         (2.)  When a player is on base, if a defensive player is within 6 feet and wearing a mask, the runner must cover his/her nose and mouth with the mask.  The first time a warning ill be issued, subsequent occurrences by the player will result in the runner being  called “out.

            b.  For members of the team in the field:

 (1.) The catcher must cover his/her nose and mouth OR be at least 6 feet (minimum social dist)  behind the batter

(2.)  If a runner reaches base, the baseman must cover his/her nose and mouth OR stand at least 6 feet away from the runner. If field players do not do this, the runner will be awarded the next base.  

           Summary:  “If a player is within your social distance (6 ft minimum), you must put your mask over your mouth and nose.”


Example of masks that are easy to wear and pull up, if necessary, but any “nose and mouth” covering will work.  The picture will follow this notice.  The only requirement is that it must be worn throughout the game and pulled over the nose and mouth when necessary.

3.  Bats:   All players should have, and use. Their own bat. 

a.  Players should keep their bat in, or near, their bat bag.  Each player should use only his/her bat.  NO BATS IN THE BAT RACK.

b.  If a player doesn’t have a bat, the manager may designate a “team bat” for use by that player.  This bat will be placed at the backstop on the team’s side of the field.  Should multiple players have need to use the ONE team bat, it is each player’s responsibility to wipe that bat with disinfectant prior to using it.  A player knowing that he/she will need to use the team bat   should provide their own disinfectant wipes.

c.  If the player at bat gets a hit, the batter who is to bat after the batter on deck should pick up the bat by the barrel with a batting glove and return it to the fence for the owner to retrieve.

d.  At the end of the inning, all bats should be returned to their proper place by their owners.  “Team bat” laid down by the backstop.

4.  Game Balls:  Each team is to provide a new game ball for use when the team is in the field.  The pitcher will be responsible for taking the ball on and off the field.  The pitcher may sanitize the ball every inning or as he/she sees fit.  The league will provide 1 package of sanitizing wipes to the pitcher expressly for this purpose.

Should a ball go out of play (foul etc). the team on the field should have a backup ball ready to go until the game ball is returned.

Note:   Since pitchers and catchers handle to ball the most during a game, it is strongly recommended that these players wear a glove on their throwing hand for extra protection.

5.  Pre-Game batting:  Each team may take pre-game batting under the following conditions:

a.  Teams will use tournament batting practice.  – Batters hit from 1st or 3rd into their own team half of the outfield.

b.  Teams should provide their own practice balls.  NO SHARING

c..  Batting practice is limited to 5 hits per player.

6.  End of the game congratulations: - NO SHAKING OF HANDS, BUMPING ELBOWS, HIGH FIVES OR ANY PHYSICAL CONTACT.  It is recommended that players simply wish each other “Good Game”.


7.   Hand-sanitizer:  It is suggested that every player bring their own bottle and use it frequently during games. Also, it is very important to refrain from touching your face at anytime during play. If the virus happens to be on a surface you touch, then touching your face exponentially increases the chance of you contracting it.


All of the current rules and regulations for play in the CCSSL are still in place.  For the 2020 season a “Veer Rule” will be in affect at BOTH 2nd and 3rd base.  If the base is occupied, or about to be occupied,  by an infielder, the runner MUST veer.


          “2020 Veer Rule” – In the judgement of the umpire if a player crosses the plane of the base that he/she is going to prior to the fielder at that base having control of the ball, the runner will be declared safe.”   

Frankly, none of us want to play softball under these conditions.  We would all like softball and our lives to be back the “way they were”.   The Board sincerely appreciates your cooperation in following these protocols.

Joseph Cassidy Spirit of Softball Award Winner Wayne Draeger


The 2019 Joseph Cassidy Spirit of Softball Award winner is Wayne Draeger who has made the CCSSL Classic the envy of softball tournaments.  Thank you, Wayne for all of your hard work!

70's Travel Team

The CCSSL’s 70’s Travel Team began the 2019 Tournament Season accepting an invitation to play in the Fifth Annual East Coast Senior Softball Tournament in Pompano Beach, Florida March 7th, 8th and 9th.

Playing together for the first time as the Cape Cod Dugout Dawgs, the team was seeded fourth out of 14 teams competing in the 70s age group.

The highlight of the tournament was on day two when the Dugout Dawgs beat last year’s Tournament Champion and this year’s number one seed Cc Medical Services 18-8. Cc Medical is rated by SSUSA as a Major Team.

The ECSS Tournament allows only 65 minutes per game and batters began each at-bat with a one and one count. The Dugout Dawgs batted all 14 players each game producing 118 hits with the team batting average of .608.

Additional tournament activity is planned this year including the Cape classic in September and the SSUSA Winter Nationals in Fort Myers, Florida in November.

Welcome to Our Player Profile Form!

We are looking to collect information on our players so that we can develop a profile that tells about the varied backgrounds of players. None of this information will be used to talk about individual players. It will allow us build a composite profile of the players in our league for public relations and fundraising purposes only.

Just Think, if You Apply This Year at the Age of 50, You Could be Playing for the Next 47 Years!

Senior Softball Team Features a 97 Year Old Catcher and a 90 Year Old Pitcher!

Watch the Report Here

Joe Cassidy Memorial

As you enter the path that leads to Memorial Field, be sure to take a look to your left and see the new memorial to Joe Cassidy, the founder of our league! Joe is the player who made this possible for all of us by starting Senior Softball here on Cape Cod back in 1987.

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