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    Announcement From the Commissioner


    Early last evening I received two separate emails concerning our League’s umpire situation which will be addressed in the following two stated paragraphs:


    • First, an email was sent to all umpires, some 40 names, from Charlie Salerno, our appointed umpire-in-chief who put out a strong appeal to all League members requesting help in joining our current umpire staff.

    It appears that during the past several scheduled games at Potter and Memorial Fields, no umpires were available. It was further reported that several of our regular everyday umpires were concerned with the risk and well-being of themselves and family members regarding the COVID-19 virus, resulting in their absence this season. These health concerns are understandable. We ask that you rethink your position and consider resuming your umpire status, perhaps on a lesser scale—one day a week—it would be most helpful and appreciated! You have been the backbone of this organization for many years and we do rely on your participation. Importantly, if you decide to re-engage as an umpire—remember face covering and distancing away from home plate and base paths.

    As Commissioner, I am also appealing to all our members: we need your immediate help with this current umpire situation. Please step up by contacting Charlie Salerno, sign up for a few games this season as we try to get through this unprecedented phase. Hopefully, our League will get back to some semblance of normalcy as we look forward to the 2021 season and beyond. Thank you one and all.


    • The second email received last evening by one of our most talented and consistent umpires was most disturbing to read regarding the on-field disrespect and lack of appropriate behavior toward our umpires by a small group of players currently assigned teams within our League. At this time I will not embarrass or single out those players who consistently exhibit unsportsmanlike behavior such as throwing their bats in anger, questioning our unpaid volunteer umpires and, in general, being disrespectful.


    It is most disheartening to witness these outrageous behaviors when, sitting in the stands as spectators, wives and young children observe this from their “loved ones” as well! CLEAN IT UP GUYS!! Last evening I met with the President of Division 1 and its team Managers to inform them of these umpire concerns and made it quite clear that any further continuation of this behavior would not be acceptable nor tolerated. And, should it continue, those players who flaunt our League rules shall undergo the consequences of their actions.


    This entire negative umpire situation which has recently surfaced has forced many of our regular umpire staff to discontinue their volunteer services for teams in Division 1. This is indeed unfortunate but understandable. No one in this League is above the rules and protocols as established by the Board of Directors and, if any of our players consider this directive to be restrictive they are welcome to discuss their grievances with the Commissioner. I invite you to read the section titled: “League Information”, subtitle: Policies and Procedures, “League Code of Conduct” found on our website: If you have never taken the time to do so, please read it and you will then understand the serious consequences that can be levied for continuing this reprehensible behavior.


    Finally, it may be difficult to encourage umpires to provide further services to D1 games, therefore, until we can observe greater responses to our concerns, Managers will need to make plans accordingly.


    Van Khachadoorian, Commissioner

    Cape Cod Senior softball League

    CCSSL Covid Safety Protocols


                Given the wealth of “social media” outlets available today, there are an overabundant “sources” regarding the corona virus.   “Masks work”…”Masks don’t”;  “Surface contact results in minimum infection”….”Wash your hands numerous times a day”;  and, the best one,  “The virus is all a government hoax !!”

                 People have differing opinions as to what is needed and/or appropriate to safe guard ourselves and loved ones from sickness.  The Board of the CCSSL has developed these protocols for our league to try and assure the safety of our players as much as possible but there are always unforeseen issues in any physical competition.  Therefore players should be diligent to follow these protocols but may also add to them at their own discretion. Until such time until the COVID threat has passed, players will be required to adhere to these protocols while playing in our league.  Should the State and/or local guidelines change, the CCSSL will adjust these protocols accordingly.


    1.  If you have any symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath, sore throat), do not come to play. Please stay at home.


    2.  Masks:   It has been documented by medical experts that wearing a cloth

            mask does not protect the wearer from infection.  However, it’s been clearly established that the purpose of the mask is to protect others around us.

           Only an N95  quality mask will protect the wearer.  So, all players will be required to wear a mask around their neck at all times (*see below*)

          Simply put, NO MASK NO PLAY.   However, the mask must be only worn over their nose and mouth under the following conditions:

                  a.  For members of the team at bat:

           (1.)  All members of the batting team must social distance (at least 6 feet apart) or cover their mouth and nose with a mask. 

    If players on a team do not do this, the first time a warning will be issued, subsequent occurrences by anyone on the team will result  in an “out” to the team.

             (2.)  When a player is on base, if a defensive player is within 6 feet and wearing a mask, the runner must cover his/her nose and mouth with the mask.  The first time a warning ill be issued, subsequent occurrences by the player will result in the runner being  called “out.

                b.  For members of the team in the field:

     (1.) The catcher must cover his/her nose and mouth OR be at least 6 feet (minimum social dist)  behind the batter

    (2.)  If a runner reaches base, the baseman must cover his/her nose and mouth OR stand at least 6 feet away from the runner. If field players do not do this, the runner will be awarded the next base.  

               Summary:  “If a player is within your social distance (6 ft minimum), you must put your mask over your mouth and nose.”


    Example of masks that are easy to wear and pull up, if necessary, but any “nose and mouth” covering will work.  The picture will follow this notice.  The only requirement is that it must be worn throughout the game and pulled over the nose and mouth when necessary.

    3.  Bats:   All players should have, and use. Their own bat. 

    a.  Players should keep their bat in, or near, their bat bag.  Each player should use only his/her bat.  NO BATS IN THE BAT RACK.

    b.  If a player doesn’t have a bat, the manager may designate a “team bat” for use by that player.  This bat will be placed at the backstop on the team’s side of the field.  Should multiple players have need to use the ONE team bat, it is each player’s responsibility to wipe that bat with disinfectant prior to using it.  A player knowing that he/she will need to use the team bat   should provide their own disinfectant wipes.

    c.  If the player at bat gets a hit, the batter who is to bat after the batter on deck should pick up the bat by the barrel with a batting glove and return it to the fence for the owner to retrieve.

    d.  At the end of the inning, all bats should be returned to their proper place by their owners.  “Team bat” laid down by the backstop.

    4.  Game Balls:  Each team is to provide a new game ball for use when the team is in the field.  The pitcher will be responsible for taking the ball on and off the field.  The pitcher may sanitize the ball every inning or as he/she sees fit.  The league will provide 1 package of sanitizing wipes to the pitcher expressly for this purpose.

    Should a ball go out of play (foul etc). the team on the field should have a backup ball ready to go until the game ball is returned.

    Note:   Since pitchers and catchers handle to ball the most during a game, it is strongly recommended that these players wear a glove on their throwing hand for extra protection.

    5.  Pre-Game batting:  Each team may take pre-game batting under the following conditions:

    a.  Teams will use tournament batting practice.  – Batters hit from 1st or 3rd into their own team half of the outfield.

    b.  Teams should provide their own practice balls.  NO SHARING

    c..  Batting practice is limited to 5 hits per player.

    6.  End of the game congratulations: - NO SHAKING OF HANDS, BUMPING ELBOWS, HIGH FIVES OR ANY PHYSICAL CONTACT.  It is recommended that players simply wish each other “Good Game”.


    7.   Hand-sanitizer:  It is suggested that every player bring their own bottle and use it frequently during games. Also, it is very important to refrain from touching your face at anytime during play. If the virus happens to be on a surface you touch, then touching your face exponentially increases the chance of you contracting it.


    All of the current rules and regulations for play in the CCSSL are still in place.  For the 2020 season a “Veer Rule” will be in affect at BOTH 2nd and 3rd base.  If the base is occupied, or about to be occupied,  by an infielder, the runner MUST veer.


              “2020 Veer Rule” – In the judgement of the umpire if a player crosses the plane of the base that he/she is going to prior to the fielder at that base having control of the ball, the runner will be declared safe.”   

    Frankly, none of us want to play softball under these conditions.  We would all like softball and our lives to be back the “way they were”.   The Board sincerely appreciates your cooperation in following these protocols.

    Important Announcement



    Members of the Board of Directors and the Commissioner would like to express our sincere gratitude, for the support and patience that you, members of the Cape Cod Senior Softball League, have exhibited during the past several weeks as we have undertaken reopening preparations for the potential July 13, 2020 start date.

    Please be advised that the July 13th start date is contingent upon the Governor’s Task Force Phase III State guidelines as well as further instructions from local agencies with regard to field availability and other requirements which may be requested.

    On a personal note, as I enter into my thirtieth year as a member of the League I cannot remember when our League was required to suspend all softball activities—not hurricanes,  bad weather or any other condition. It took a horrific pandemic COVID-19 virus to bring our League to a major halt and — it is not over by a long shot! So, as you begin your softball activities please be safe, vigilant and follow the “Safety Protocols” developed by our member subcommittee!!

    I have included a number of informational items which will be helpful to each as you plan your own scheduling.

    We have completed evaluations for new players on Wednesday June 24 and Saturday June 27 at Potter/Memorial Fields. Some 25 new players were evaluated by the respective Division PEAC members, Division Presidents and others. Thanks are in order for Brian Hastings, D/2 President, and Peter Cutler, Board member, for their outstanding planning, organization and supervision of this important event. Also a word of thanks for the many volunteers who gave a helping hand where needed. Following this activity PEAC members, along with their Division Presidents, were busily engaged in assigning new players to their respective teams. “A job well done by all!”

    Additional thanks to Brian Hastings, Bob Snow and Ben Caswell, members of the CCSSL Board for their collaborative efforts in drafting a very comprehensive “Safety Protocols Requirements” for our League membership who will compete in Division 1, 2 and a combined 3/4 this season.

    We have purchased hand sanitizers and wipes for use at otter/Memorial Fields. Managers are encouraged to remind their players of all Safety Protocols.

    Based on our current numbers of CCSSL players who have committed to participant during the 2020 season in their respective Divisions we have organized the following teams:

    Division 1(Cassidy)     13 players X 5 teams = 65 total players

    Division 2 (Simpson)  13 players X 5 teams = 65 total players

    Division 3/4 (Winnett- Rose) 13 players X 3 teams = 39 total players

    (Unfortunately CCSSL will not be able to organize a separate Division 3 program during the 2020 season due to the lack of age appropriate Division 3 members.)

    The total of 169 active CCSSL players represent a net loss of approximately 70+ paid members who have decided to either forego playing softball during the 2020 season due to personal health issues, COVID-19 pandemic concerns or other personal decisions as it relates to their softball activities.

    ÞScheduled games will be on Potter/Memorial Fields located in Harwich.

    Þ ÞAll CCSSL teams will have a scheduled 24 game schedule for the season.

    ÞDue to time constraints and the numbers of players who travel to their winter residences in late September/early October we will not schedule any play off activities this season.

    ÞBeginning in August all 6PM scheduled games will commence at 5:30PM in order to maximize daylight time.

    Division 1 (Cassidy) President Don Saulnier.

    Scheduled games will be played on Potter and Memorial Fields located in Harwich, Games commence at 6:00PM Tuesdays and Thursdays and will be a 7 inning event.

    Division 2 (Simpson) President Brian Hastings.

    Scheduled games will be played on Potter and Memorial Fields located in Harwich, Some scheduled games will be held on Baker Field located in Dennis or Homer Field, located in Yarmouth. Games will be scheduled Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings commencing at 6:00PM and will be a 7 inning event.

    Combined Divisions 3 /4 (Winnett-Rose). Division 3 President Bob Snow. Division 4 President Charles Salerno.

    Games will be scheduled Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. Games will commence at 10:00AM and are scheduled for 7 innings.

    We have decided to wear our CCSSL team shirts out of respect for our supportive sponsors who have given much to our League through their generous contributions

    We have also decided to forego further continuation of a divisional/team play-off format. We are extremely pleased that we were able to organize some 24 games for our CCSSL members this season despite the untimely virus we have experienced since March 2020.

    We also have decided to suspend the Annual Cape Cod Classic for the 2020 season. This decision was based on impact and a follow-up survey that Wayne Dragaer had reported.. It was apparent that participation by many of the off-Cape teams would not attend this season due to concerns with the COVID-19 virus and other health matters as we entered the month of September.

    Further it was reported that without the 50/60 team attending this annual event our League could potentially lose a large sum of funds which our League depends upon for the continued fiscal management of the League.

    The annual League Banquet,, scheduled for September  23, 2020 at the Riverway Restaurant has also been suspended. Indoor seating and other arrangements required by the restaurant management was also in doubt. We look forward to returning to this venue in 2021.

    We have purchased the softball supplies for the 2020 season. Tony D’Allessandro, chairman, will distribute to each Team Manager an ample quantity of softballs for use during the 24 game schedule. Should Team Managers require additional softballs please contact Tony or Van. It is advised that team pitchers retain their softballs after each inning and to sanitize when possible—Safety Protocols!

    We are pleased to report that Vic Roberts, our CCSSL Field Maintenance staff member, will return to his duties again during the 2020 season. Vic will be responsible for lining the fields and dragging the infields for each scheduled game and providing general maintenance duties for both Potter and Memorial Fields. A great addition to CCSSL!


    All members of the masters Division are invited to once again participate in the CCSSL softball program. Other League members are also invited to join this group —$25.00 registration fee.

    Masters President Bill Prodgers, will be at Kelley #1 Field on the opening date July 13th at 9:00AM to welcome all. Kelley Field is located in South Dennis.

    Masters Division is scheduled for each Tuesday and Thursday mornings —9:00AM0 12:00 Noon —during the next several months OR when the “snows fly”!!

    REMEMBER! Please adhere to all the “Safety Protocol Requirements” as updated by the CCSSL Board of Directors.

    Hopefully we will get past this horrific period , move on, play some ball and look forward to the 2021 season when we can all come together and reactivate our 34th season.

    Thank you

    Van Khachadoorian, Commissioner


    Joseph Cassidy Spirit of Softball Award Winner Wayne Draeger


    The 2019 Joseph Cassidy Spirit of Softball Award winner is Wayne Draeger who has made the CCSSL Classic the envy of softball tournaments.  Thank you, Wayne for all of your hard work!

    70's Travel Team

    The CCSSL’s 70’s Travel Team began the 2019 Tournament Season accepting an invitation to play in the Fifth Annual East Coast Senior Softball Tournament in Pompano Beach, Florida March 7th, 8th and 9th.

    Playing together for the first time as the Cape Cod Dugout Dawgs, the team was seeded fourth out of 14 teams competing in the 70s age group.

    The highlight of the tournament was on day two when the Dugout Dawgs beat last year’s Tournament Champion and this year’s number one seed Cc Medical Services 18-8. Cc Medical is rated by SSUSA as a Major Team.

    The ECSS Tournament allows only 65 minutes per game and batters began each at-bat with a one and one count. The Dugout Dawgs batted all 14 players each game producing 118 hits with the team batting average of .608.

    Additional tournament activity is planned this year including the Cape classic in September and the SSUSA Winter Nationals in Fort Myers, Florida in November.

    Welcome to Our Player Profile Form!

    We are looking to collect information on our players so that we can develop a profile that tells about the varied backgrounds of players. None of this information will be used to talk about individual players. It will allow us build a composite profile of the players in our league for public relations and fundraising purposes only.

    Just Think, if You Apply This Year at the Age of 50, You Could be Playing for the Next 47 Years!

    Senior Softball Team Features a 97 Year Old Catcher and a 90 Year Old Pitcher!

    Watch the Report Here

    Joe Cassidy Memorial

    As you enter the path that leads to Memorial Field, be sure to take a look to your left and see the new memorial to Joe Cassidy, the founder of our league! Joe is the player who made this possible for all of us by starting Senior Softball here on Cape Cod back in 1987.

    Feed for


    We are seeking a handyman/ League member who enjoys doing some painting. The League’s two sheds, some twenty+ years old are in desperate need of an upgrade of their exterior areas.

    John Jaworski, League member (D/1), and owner of ACE Hardware located in Harwichport, has graciously agreed to donate the gallons of stain need to complete this project.

    Anyone interested in assisting with this rquest should contact Van (508) 360-3454. An hourly rate will be offered.  Thank you!

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