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Past Champions

2019 Cape Cod Senior Softball Classic



50's                                  New England Merchants

60's AAA                                            Optional  60s

60's Bass River                             Diamond Dawgs

60's Sesuit Harbor                        NH Nemesis 60s

65's AAA                                                       Talaga

65's Bass River                             NH Nemesis 65s

65's Sesuit Harbor           Woodmansee Insurance

70's AAA                                               Bostonians

70's Bass River                             NH Nemesis 70s

70's Sesuit Harbor                                EMASS Blue

75's                                                      EMASS Black

80's                                                Cape Cod Sharks


2018 Cape Cod Senior Softball Classic



50's                                                        Cape Save

60's AAA                                    Cape Mariners 60s

60's Bourne                                                Machine

60's Sagamore                                     M+J Design

65's AAA                                    Cape Mariners 65s

65's Bourne                                   NH Nemesis 65s

65's Sagamore                                             Fishkill

70's AAA                                                 Bostonians

70's Bourne                                   NH Nemesis 70s

70's Sagamore                        Western Mass Relics

75's AAA                                                    Cozy Grill

75's                                                       EMASS Black

80's                                                Cape Cod Sharks


2018 Classic Photos

2017 Cape Cod Senior Softball Classic



60's AAA                                    Cape Mariners 60s

60's Oceanside                              Diamond Dawgs

60's Baysde                                                   Hawks

65's AAA                                           LI Jaguars 65s

65's Oceanside                               NH Nemesis 65s

65's Bayside                                              NH Dino's

70's AAA                                                        Dugout

70's Oceanside                                NH Nemesis 70s

70's Bayside                                              Umberto's

75's AAA                                                     Cozy Grill

75's                                                       Kinlin Grover


Cape Cod Mariners Finish On Top In The Cape Cod Classic

The Cape Cod Mariners 60’s travel team took home the Cape Cod Classic AAA Championship the weekend of September 8-10. The team finished with a 5-1 record.

Read the Full Story Here


Dugout Team Wins 70s AAA in the CC Classic


A group of 14 CCSSL players participating as team Dugout captured the 2017 AAA 70's Division Championship in the Cape Cod Classic on September 13th. Under the direction of player managers Tom Radziewicz, Bill Eagan and Gerry Street, Dugout was a true darkhorse winner as the Cape Cod team prevailed over four other more tournament experienced teams including the Bostonians from Eastern Mass., VIOS Sports from Connecticut, Tabor Franchi from Rhode Island and the Syracuse Cyclones from New York.


The victory required an exceptional team effort combining aggressive base running, timely defense, clutch hitting and excellent pitching. Other roster players included: Terry Brooks, Tom Farrell, Jim Ritchie, Dave Clark, Wayne Draeger, Steve Grolnic, Ross Coppleman, John Curry, John Seliga, Ray Beaupre and Peter McClelland. The majority of the above-named players have competed together in and have won several tournaments around the country for over 13 years. This includes tournaments in Las Vegas, Scottsdale, Huntsman Senior Games in Utah, Syracuse, Glen Burnie, Maryland, Ft. Myers, Branford, CT, Warwick, RI, Cape May, NJ and several more Classics.

2016 Cape Cod Senior Softball Classic



60's AAA                                              Deep Purple

60's                                              Action Auto Parts

60's B                                              Junior's Lounge

65's AAA                                                            Vios

65's A                                               Vernon Seniors

65's B                                            Hampshire Fence

70's AAA                                                     Cozy Grill

70's A                                    Kaleidoscope Imprints

70's B                                              EMASS 70s Blue

75's AAA                                               Hannington's

75's                                                   Old News Bears

80's                                        Back Office Associates


2015 Cape Cod Senior Softball Classic



60's AAA                                                          Talaga

60's A                                                  Los Veteranos

60's B                                                       RI Pick-ups

65's AAA                                           State Road Auto

65's A                                                      NH Nemesis

65's B                                                              Dugout

70's A                                           South Shore Relics

70's B                                                       EMASS Red

75's AAA                                                Hannington's

75's                                                    Old News Bears

80's                                         Back Office Associates


2014 Cape Cod Senior Softball Classic Champions


60’s AAA         Hanningtons

60’s AA            Fishkill Tire

60’s B               Los Veteranos

65’s AAA         Bostonians

65's AA            New Hampshire Nemesis

65’s B               Molt’s Used Auto Parts

70's AAA         Back Office Associates

70's AA            Miller Fuel

75's                  Back Office Associates

80’s                  Back Office Associates

The Karousel Kids from Albany enjoy their "off-field" time on Cape Cod

2013 Classic Champions


60s AAA   Pelley’s

60s B       Talaga Masonry

65s AAA   Jersey Masters

65s B       New Hampshire Nemesis

70s AAA   Hanningtons of MA

70s B       Cozy Grille

75s AAA   Back Office Associates

75s B       Wanskuck Post 56

80s          Cape 80s

2012 Classic Champions


60s AA   Davy Byrnes

60s B     Cape Cod Over the Dunes

65s A     VIOS

65s B     Woodmansee Ins.

70s A     Hanningtons of MA

70s B     Windham Elders

70s C     Western Mass Relics

75s A     Back Office Associates

75s B     Worcester Falcons