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From the Commissioner

Monday, May 25—our nation’s most important and solemn holiday—Memorial Day. The Board of Directors of the CCSL and its Commissioner express their thanks and gratitude to the many League veterans who have honorably served this great country as a member of the U.S. Armed Forces.

From the long, grueling years of WWII to the mountains of Afghanistan, our softball players performed their respective tours of duty with distinction, returning home to attend colleges and other institutions, raise families, carve out careers, build businesses and retire after these accomplishments to Cape Cod.

Memorial Day is also a time to reflect on the past and to remember our 173 League members who have since passed; individuals who helped organize and mold this Cape Cod Softball League. Indeed, the Memorial field in Harwich is aptly named in memory of those departed players.

We give our wholehearted appreciation and deep respect to those veterans and League members for their duty and service as we all continue to live and enjoy our freedoms.

Finally, we wish all members of our League good health during these uncertain times brought about by this horrendous pandemic we know as Covid-19.

Be assured that the CCSSL Board members are fully aware of your frustration regarding the present inability to reopen our softball season. However, we must be patient and adhere to the guidelines and directions put forth by our State and local officials before any concrete action can be forthcoming.

Your support and understanding in these matters are very much appreciated.