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Travel Team Policy

Travel Team Policy



The purpose of the Cape Cod Senior Softball League (“CCSSL”) Travel Teams is to participate in local, regional and national tournaments in the appropriate age brackets.  These tournaments will provide CCSSL members the opportunity to compete at another level of competition and to represent the CCSSL.


Travel Team Guidelines:

1.      Only paid members of the CCSSL shall be selected to play on any of the CCSSL Teams. Pool Players will be eligible to participate on any/all Travel Teams at the sole discretion of the age appropriate Travel Team Manager.

2.      Travel Team members must play within their current division as determined by age appropriate age level. Exception shall be allowed in accordance with a formal agreement between age established Travel Team Manager(s).

3.      CCSSL members may “play down” (lower division) if no Travel Team has been established at their appropriate age level or if there are no scheduled tournaments for which a conflict may occur.

4.      CCSSL members may not “play up” on any established/approved Travel Team unless approval is established under National Association Softball Rules of Play for specific tournaments.

5.      The CCSSL will support and authorize only one Travel Team for each of the established divisions.

6.      It is expected that each member of a CCSSL sponsored Travel Team shall abide by the rules and regulations established by their Team Manager and shall represent CCSSL with the highest standards of behavior during their participation in all Local, Regional and National Tournaments.

7.      Failure to adhere to game protocols as established by their Manager/Assistant Manager may result in disciplinary measures which include, but are not limited to, the following: (1) verbal warnings; (2) game suspension; (3) immediate dismissal from their Travel Team roster.

8.      Disciplinary decisions and actions by Team Managers/Assistant Managers will be final, binding and shall not be subject to further appeals or hearings by the aggrieved parties to the CCSSL Commissioner or members of the Board of Directors.


Travel Team Managers

1.      Each year members of the CCSSL who wish to serve as a Travel Team Manager shall request, in writing, their intent by contacting the CCSSL Commissioner prior to December 1st.

2.      Candidates for the position of Travel Team Manager may be formally interviewed by members of the CCSSL Board of Directors prior to an official vote of their selection. The CCSSL Commissioner shall give final approval to all Travel Team Manager appointments.

3.      The CCSSL Board of Directors reserves the authority and responsibility to remove any Travel Team Manager or player for just cause and/or other related violation.

4.      Any/all CCSSL members may be considered for the position of Travel Team Manager or Assistant Manager.

5.      Travel Team Managers shall organize their teams with players from within their respective division and appropriate age levels through open tryouts.

6.      All dates and field locations for scheduled player tryouts shall be forwarded to the CCSSL Board of Directors for publication on the CCSSL website.

7.      At the conclusion of any/all player tryouts managers shall submit their Travel Team rosters to the Commissioner and CCSSL Board of Directors prior to May 15.

8.      Any/all financial support received from independent sponsors or generated by a specific Travel Team member shall be forwarded to the CCSSL Treasurer for record-keeping purposes and disbursement for team expenses as needed.

9.      Travel Team Managers who are appointed annually by the CCSSL Commissioner shall be granted full authority and have sole responsibility to oversee and administer all aspects of their team.


Travel Team Scheduling

1.      Travel Team Managers shall submit a schedule of their planned tournaments to the Commissioner prior to May 15th each year.

2.      Additional tournament games will not be scheduled without prior approval of the CCSSL Board of Directors.  This is subject to review as determined by special circumstances.



Classic Note:

  1. The CCSSL Board of Directors continues to support and encourage other non-Travel team players to organize age appropriate teams to compete in all division-level CCSSL Classic Tournament games scheduled annually.
  2. Members of CCSSL who are listed on Travel Team Rosters shall remain with their original Travel Team during the Fall Classic Tournament and will be prohibited from departing from said team without prior approval or agreement by their CCSSL Travel Team Manager.