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Commissioner's Corner


             Commissioner's Corner

September/October 2019


As I begin my term as Commissioner I would like to take a moment to offer my thanks for your support and confidence in our recent elections.

During this term I will endeavor to provide my best efforts to serve each of you with respect and dignity as we develop the many rules, policies and other League responsibilities which are of importance throughout the 2020 softball season.

­­­­­­A newly created “Commissioner’s Corner" will be my approach to communicate with membership with timely updates to help keep you informed. I encourage each of you to submit your responses, ideas or suggestions with regards to how we, Board members, might make improvements to our League’s operation. You may do so by contacting me at We want to hear from you---your input is important. Keep posted on the website. More information will be forthcoming.

The Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Bruce Turner as Director-At-Large for the unexpired one-year term. Congratulations Bruce. Welcome aboard. We look forward to your contributions and membership.

  • At its monthly meeting of the Harwich recreation and Youth Commissioner, the commissioners unanimously approved installation of a new backstop/fencing for Memorial Field. Funds for the project will be provided through the Community Preservation Act grant at a cost of approximately $41,000. Commissioners are confident that funding will be approved at the Annual Town Meeting in May, 2020 with installation of the project completed sometime later.
  • Special thanks and appreciation is extended to Pro Fence Company, located in Dennis, for their donation of several new split rails installed at Memorial Field. Joe McLaughlin, company owner, is an avid fan of senior softball.
  • Thanks are also extended to Dan O’Leary, owner of O’Leary Landscaping Company for his donation of six yards of mulch which was installed in the picnic area at Memorial/Potter complex prior to our recent Classic tournament.
  • We now have a new sponsor for the 2020 season: Honey Dew Donuts. Thanks to Tony Gianfrillo, company owner, for his support and commitment to help fulfill our League’s major financial obligations.
  • I am pleased to report that all of the 2020 Committee assignments have been filled by volunteers who represent our three divisions. If you can share some time and effort as a volunteer please contact the Commissioner. Your help as a volunteer is greatly appreciated!
  • Once again our Annual Cape Cod Classic tournament was a tremendous success. Special thanks and appreciation is extended to Wayne Draeger, Tournament Director, and his two very capable assistants, Ben Tantillo and Bob Kemple, who gave outstanding effort during the six days of scheduled games. Despite the heavy rains and poor field conditions on Saturday morning and with tremendous help by the work crew who arrived at Potter/Memorial Fields in the early morning hours with shovels, brooms and rakes in hand, our fields were cleared of major puddles and ready for play by 2PM. An extraordinary task, great coordination and teamwork by all.
  • Thanks is also extended to the many volunteers who devoted their time to serve as hosts, water “boys”, parking attendants, umpires, grounds crews and, importantly, the wives who sold our Classic merchandise at various fields during the  Classic.
  • One resulting fact from the Classic was the issue of paid umpires. The issue will be reviewed by our Umpire Committee. It must be noted that our League umpires, some twenty plus volunteers are to be commended for their efforts, not only during the Classic games but also during the past many softball seasons.
  • A list of important information is available on the League’s website: Committee Assignment Chairs, 2019-2020 Calendar of Activities, game schedules (2020) and a variety of other activities. Also a list of the members of the Board of Directors, their emails, and telephone numbers for contact purposes.
  • Four important committees have been organized with chairmen who will undertake the responsibility of reviewing specific League area matters:
    • Rules Committee: Rich Barber, chair. All current rules of play will be reviewed and/or revised as needed. Committee recommendations will be submitted to the Board prior to the opening of the 2020 season. Members are Peter Cutler, John Vaughn, John Harper, Brad Martinson, Bill Prodgers and Charlie Salerno.
    • League Structure Committee: Ben Caswell, chair.  Committee objectives and tasks to be reviewed, evaluated and revised will consist of several important phases (i.e.) current divisional structure, age or ability or other components, ARC, PEAC committees, team drafts, roster retention, to name a few. Members are Bob Callahan, Brian Hastings, Charlie Salerno, Don Saulnier, Ed Jay.
    • League Umpire Committee: Charles Salerno, chair. Committee will review all existing umpire rules, umpire payment issues and other ongoing concerns which exist and to make revisions which needed. Members to be determined.
    • League Policy Committee. Terry Moran, chair. Committee members will review all existing League [policies which apply to a variety of membership matters. Volunteer members are Bill Campbell, Peter Goode, and Dave Noonan.
    • Finally, the four assigned chairmen and their committee volunteers have a major responsibility to complete their individual projects within the next few months. It is anticipated that committee chairs will also be prepared to submit their final reports and recommendations to the Board of Directors prior to March 2020

Finally, as our initial newsletter is completed, I have a brief message for all League members:  If you are contemplating a future surgery or are experiencing a serious physical issue which may hinder you from participating on a team during the 2020 season, please let us know. Members of the Board are concerned with the health and well-being of its members and, if we can assist you during your period of recovery, please let us know. Remember, our League was formed on the principle of strong friendship, mutual companionship and good sportsmanship.

Van Khachadoorian, Commissioner