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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


I haven’t played ball in 40 years. How can I do this?

Most of the players who come into our league have had a long time since they last played. It’s not all going to come back right away, but it will come back! The important thing is to warm up properly and stay smart. Let’s face it, our bodies are a bit older than they used to be and stretching and warming up is essential.

I’m new to the league. Well I automatically be placed in a division based on age?

We use age as our first cut in determining where to place a player. However, we want each player to be successful and enjoy the playing experience. So, players are placed where we feel they will be able to play well. Where you are placed does not mean that you will be always in that division. After a year in the league, players have the option of requesting to play in a different division.

Is there a fee to play the league?

The current playing fee is $100 to play on a team.

What does my fee cover?

There are a lot of expenses to operate a league of our size, but here are some of the things that you receive for your fee: 2 pre-season games, 30 regular season games and at least 2 playoff games; a portion of the cost for each player at the league banquet; field use and maintenance; uniforms for players and umpires; and equipment. If you just took the number of games you play, the cost is $2.94 per game. The friendship is priceless.

What other activities does the league get involved with?

The Cape Cod Senior Softball League is very involved with the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce. Through that relationship, we have become recognized as a terrific provider of volunteers for other athletic endeavors in the area. Among others, we will provide opportunities for players to volunteer at some national figure skating events that take place in the area. For the past several years, we have also provided volunteers for the NCAA division three regional baseball tournament. Our players also volunteer at the Women’s Hockey East Championship. We are currently exploring a potential relationship with Special Olympics.

Can I still play on a team if I have a vacation scheduled?

Most players have commitments during our season. We ask players to try to make most games, but things come up and there may be a time when you miss a game. This is why we have extra players on each roster. All we ask is to let your manager know in advance if you’re going to be unable to attend the game.

Are there any signing bonuses?

Are you kidding? Just checking to see if you’ve read this far!