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There is No Classic Without Our Volunteers


The Cape Cod Senior Softball Classic is a huge undertaking for the League. Over a six-day period, 55 teams compete in 155 games in 10 divisions utilizing a total of six different fields. The number of volunteer hours that are put in is staggering. Consider this:

  • Umpires donated nearly 400 hours
  • Field hosts equaled that 400 hours
  • Staff at the merchandise tables worked more than 300 hours 
  • More than 225 hours were donated by parking lot attendants
  • The water brigade worked more than 300 hours
  • More than 150 hours was spent on field maintenance

When totaled up, more than 2,100 hours of volunteer time was spent over the six-day period, representing 350 hours per day of the tournament. We are extremely grateful for all who gave so much of their time. It is hoped that those who were unable to donate time this year will be able to do so in the future because without the volunteers, there can be no Classic. These staggering numbers represent only the time that was given during the tournament. Don’t forget, the planning and preparation just adds to this amazing total.