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Covid Protocols

07/23/2022, 7:00am EDT
By Wayne Draeger

CCSSL Covid Safety Protocols

(Revised :_7/23/2022)


The Cape Cod Senior Softball league will adhere to and enforce all federal, state, and local requirements and recommendations for health and safety protocols related to COVID-19.  Our protocols will be updated to comply with federal, state and local regulations as they evolve.  To this end, the Board of the CCSSL has developed the following protocols for our league to ensure the safety of our players.  Since the COVID threat has recently increased on the Cape, players will be required to adhere to these protocols while playing in our leagueAt their own discretion, players may also add to these protocols.  Having taken the vaccine and/or testing negative for COVID-19 will NOT exempt a player from following these protocols.  


1.  If you have any symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath, sore throat, etc.),

            do not come to play.   Please, for the safety of all, stay at home.


2.  With a positive Covid test:

a.  if you are fully vaccinated and boosted  stay off the field for 5 days and test negative – if in doubt, wear a mask for an additional 5 days.

b.  if you are not vaccinated and fully boosted – stay off the field for 10 days and have a negative test.


3.  Masks:   Whether on the  bench or in the field,  as much as possible, players should

                          “social distance” (4-6 ft  or more).     

          If a player is within your social distance, you may put a mask over your

                 mouth and nose and/or simply move away.”


             NOTE:    Umpires and catchers may wear a mask and/or maintain the 4-6 ft safe

                              distance at ALL times.    Batters may use a mask at their discretion. 


4.  Bats:   It is each player’s personal decision as to the sharing of a bat.


5 .  Pre-Game batting:  Each team may take pre-game batting from home plate

                 following the requirements in protocol #2 above.


6.  End of the game congratulations: - SHAKING OF HANDS, BUMPING


              DISCRETION .  It is recommended,  that players simply wish each other

             “Good Game” while maintaining at  least 4-6 feet of social distance.  In any case,

              some form of “Good Sportsmanship” gesture should be used by all.



7.   Hand-sanitizer:  It is suggested that every player bring their own bottle of hand

                       sanitizer and use it frequently during games.

The Board sincerely appreciates your cooperation in following these protocols.


                                             Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.

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