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June 21 BOD Meeting Minutes

06/27/2022, 8:15pm EDT
By Debbie Conners

Policy, Capital Projects, Division Status

Cape Cod Senior Softball Board of Directors Meeting

June 21, 2022, 2:00 PM, Harwich Community Center


Members present: Wayne Draeger, Peter Cutler, Jim Gunning, Ben Caswell, Jim Gresis, Bob Callahan, William Eagan, Bill Prodgers, John Hession, Peter Strand, and Debbie Connors. Guests: Van Khachadoorian, Charlie Salerno. Not Present: Michael Barry

Meeting called to order by Wayne Draeger at 2:00 pm. Approval of Board Minutes – May 17, 2022 Motion to accept the minutes was made by Bob Callahan, seconded by Bill Eagan, and passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s ReportJohn Hession reviewed Treasurer’s report. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report made by Peter Strand, seconded by Jim Gunning, and passed unanimously.

League Matters/Reports Report on 2022 season – Division Presidents

Each Division president reviewed what has worked well this season so far and how we may be able to improve next season or in the remainder of this season.

Updated CCSSSL Policies – Bob Callahan reviewed language regarding Courtesy Catchers and board discussed changes that were made at last meeting. Board also discussed topics such as different rules for different divisions and allowing the individual division presidents (in consultation with managers) to make decisions. Bob will continue to edit language based on the board discussion. Charlie Salerno has other suggestions that he will forward to Bob. .Bob’s updated policies will be emailed to the Board with a request for an email vote to approve the policies.

Capital Project Report – Van provided the Capital Project report, discussing work in progress at Bassett field, Sandy Pond field, and Memorial fields. Van will post Capital project report on the CCSSL website. A motion was made by Bill Eagan and seconded by Bob Callahan to commit $20,000 of CCSSL funds to support the construction of a bathroom at the Memorial/Potter Field complex. The motion passed with 6 votes in favor and 3 votes opposed.

Other Business: CPR Course: Van asked if any interest. Bill Prodgers moved to adjourn the meeting at 4:00 pm, seconded by Bob Callahan and passed unanimously.

Future Meeting Dates Third Tuesdays each month, 2PM – Harwich Community Center 7/19, 8/16, 9/20

Respectively Submitted, Debbie Connors Secretary

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