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Important Info for the 2016 Season


April 30       New Players Evaluation                            Clinic

May     7      Team Rosters Set

May   12      Preseason/Cassidy Cup Begins

May   23      Opening Day

Four Divisions

Division I (55-65) - Plays Tuesdays, Thursdays and some Fridays with games at 6:00 pm

Division II (66-73)- Plays Mondays, Wednesdays and some Fridays with games at 6:00 pm

Division III (74+) - Plays Mondays, Wednesdays and some Fridays with games at 10:00 am

Masters Division - Plays Tuesday and Thursday Mornings

2016 Cassidy Cup Preseason Tournament

Last season, we started the Cassidy Cup to honor Joe Cassidy, who was the founder of our league. This year, in order to maximize participation, there will be a new twist to the Cassidy Cup. Brian Hastings has done a great job of developing and organizing this event to honor Joe and has developed a format that the players will appreciate.

We all know that prior to our season, each team plays some preseason games to get ready for the upcoming season. In this case, the 2016 season will be the 30th that the league has operated. To honor Joe, who 30 years ago laid the groundwork that got us all hooked on senior softball, our preseason games will be the 2016 Cassidy Cup.

Each team will be scheduled for three games prior to the start of the regular season. These will be regular preseason games and not one pitch games as was the case for the Cassidy Cup a year ago. Based on the outcome of those games, the two teams from each division with the best record will play a championship game on the Saturday after Memorial Day. Once again, we will invite Joe’s family to be part of the activities and to present plaques to the winning teams. 

More details will be coming to you as we form teams to move on to the 2016 season.

The Cassidy Cup Tournament Begins


Golf Tournament for a Cause




(Benefitting Women’s Athletic Programs)

(The Ridge Club / May 10, 2016 / 10:00 am tee time)

Click Here for complete info

60s Travel Team Competes in the Pompano East Coast Senior Softball Tournament

60s Travel Team in Pompano

A group of players from the 60’s Travel Team of the CCSSL recently competed in the Pompano East Coast Senior Softball Tournament the week of March 7-10. The Mariners played 10 games over a five-day period. The competition was tough. In addition to the Mariners, there were 3 other teams from Massachusetts, one each from Canada, New Jersey and Pompano, Florida that made up the “A” Division. The team finished the tournament tying the New England Patriots with an overall best 7-3 record but lost a tiebreaker to finish in second place. The team included Tony D’Allesandro, Bob Marcella, Mike McCluskey, Larry Kanupp, Mike Walsh, Kenny Rogers, Dave Pina, Frank Pina, Paul Pavone, Paul Donnelly, Bob Maruca, Rich Bettley, Tom Kapitan and Mike Kelleher.  Bobby Marcella pitched 9 of the games and finished with a 6-3 record. Big Mike McCluskey pitched the final game to pick up a win. The team hit extremely well throughout the tournament with a team batting average well over .600. The players wish to thank Cape Save Weatherization and Brax Landing Restaurant for their support during the tournament.

Request to Explain the Fee Increase


As we enter 2016, the 30th season of the CCSSL, I have received some requests to explain the reasons for the increased fee this season.

There are several things that have necessitated the increase:

  • This is the first increase in seven years and expenses have increased over the years.
  • We have two fewer sponsors than we had seven years ago. 
  • We had a lot of trouble last season with the Ezra Baker field, one of only two fields that we have exclusive use of.  In order to make that field playable again, we have to put some work and money into it.  That will begin in April.
  • Yarmouth, which has never charged us for field use, is making repairs and added fencing to Sandy Pond.  They have already added 30 tons of clay to the infield.  In addition they have aerated, over dressed and seeded at Sandy Pond, Homer and Flax Pond, improving those fields.  They have received a grant to repair the back stop and add new fencing at Sandy Pond. The cost of the work now exceeds the grant received and they have asked us for some money to help with those repairs in exchange for more use at those fields.  We have agreed to this but will also have extra dates available for the Yarmouth fields.
  • Harwich will be increasing the fees for the use of their fields, although we have an agreement with them to make Potter available to us for Tuesday and Thursday nights, greatly helping D1.

With all of this said, I will add some other things about the increase:

  • We have a thirty game schedule, 2 pre-season games and a minimum of 2 playoff games.  That's 34 games with a cost of $2.94 a game.  The increase accounts for 74 cents a game.  There is no charge for the Spring Saturday morning games, the Tuesday-Thursday practices, or the new Saturday Fall pick-up games that followed the fall league.
  • The fee for the Falmouth League for this past season was $125 and the EMass league fee is even higher.
  • The increase will not cover all of the costs for the field issues that I have mentioned above.
  • In addition to the increase, I will be working with the Board to take a comprehensive look at the budget to determine other cost savings matters. We have already identified several of those, partly based on good suggestions from Hank Bowen and others.

I feel that the increase is necessary because the conditions of the fields we play on is one of the most important things that we can provide our players, not just because it makes for a better playing experience, but for safety reasons.  

Terry Moran

2 CCSSL Players Shine at the ISSA Winter Nationals

Two players from CCSSL, Dave Clark and Peter McClelland, were members of the 2015 International Senior Softball Association (ISSA) Winter Nationals Tournament winning team played in Virginia Beach Oct 9-11.   The team competing as C&C Medical Supplies went undefeated in 5 games and were Champions of the 70s AAA Division.  Dave played middle infielder and shortstop and Peter pitched and played infield.  Both were selected to the All-Tournament Team.

Article from the Cape Cod Chronicle


by Kat Szmit

It takes strength, guts and determination to play a sport at any age. There are always risks involved. But when passion prevails, athletes are born.

Such is the case with the members of the Cape Cod Senior Softball League. These men and women, age 55 and up, take to the fields with a youthful exuberance, ready to play ball, aching joints and the raised eyebrows of the younger generation be damned. They aren’t there for admiration, after all. They’re there to play the game they love and will continue to play until they simply can’t.

A New Addition At Memorial Field

As you enter the path that leads to Memorial Field, be sure to take a look to your left and see the new memorial to Joe Cassidy, the founder of our league! Joe is the player who made this possible for all of us by starting Senior Softball here on Cape Cod back in 1987.

The practice pitching frame is back!  It stands majestically* outside the Memorial Field centerfield fence, clearly defining the 6-foot and 12-foot "flat" and "illegal" pitch limits.  The pitching rubber (wood, actually) and home plate bang board are a regulation 50 feet apart.  We suggest that you pitch with two partners so that you can work together - one pitching, one eyeballing the height of each pitch, one calling strikes and balls at home plate.  In this manner the pitcher can focus on throwing strikes, while getting feedback on height and accuracy.
This is your chance to learn how to work the top and bottom of the pitching zone and drive batters crazy!
If you need any assistance, call or email Bob Warde (508-237-3874, and he'd be more than happy to help you out.  The gates are open during the week until approximately 6:00 p.m. before league games begin, after which they're open until 8:00 p.m.  Bring your own bucket of balls or find out where the not-so-secret extra key to the shed is located.
UMPIRES:  Watch a pitcher practice and see just what a 12-foot pitch looks like and how difficult it is to throw a flat-pitch strike.  You might be surprised! 
* ... if  Ichabod Crane was majestic.  Like Mr. Crane, the frame has some weird angles on its old bones (aluminum poles).

Feed for

Looking for New Players

We always welcome new players to join the league.  To get more information and apply online

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2016 Application is Available

272 Players and Counting

Check if your application has been received.  Updated 4/26/2016

Masters Division

The Masters Division will play on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9:30 at Kelley. If you need any information, contact Dick Carroll at 508-362-9128.

Saturday Softball


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