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    The Cassidy Cup Finals Are Set



    The Finals for the Cassidy Cup are set for Saturday August 1st



     9:30  Paradise Pizza @ Fellman's  Potter

     9:30  Land Ho! @ Ben & Jerry's   Memorial

    11:00  Foley's @ Aggregate         Potter

    2015 CCSSL Elections



    The following positions on the CCSSL Board of Directors will become vacant in October and will be open for election:



         3 At-Large Directors

    Please submit all nominations to Bill Prodgers

    The names of all people nominated will be posted shortly

    75's Travel Team Takes Second Place at the Northeast Regional Tournament

    The CCSSL 75 Travel Team sponsored by Back Office Associates Finished 2nd at the Northeast Championships in Syracuse, NY. Games were played on July 13-15th. After beating Brookhouse restaurant from Rochester, NY, they lost the afternoon game to Peach Tree Restaurant from Harrisburg, PA 13 – 12. On Tues. they beat the Syracuse Cyclones 17 – 5 only to come back to play them again in a ten inning win 20 – 19.

    Coming out of the losers bracket on Wed. they won the two morning games, one being against Peach Tree, forcing them to play Peach Tree again for the championship.  Rich Johnston and Jim VanBaalen shared the pitching duties, while Vince VanNorman, Stu Winston and Jim VanBaalen provided consistent offense and defense and were selected to the all tournament team.

    A New Addition At Memorial Field

    As you enter the path that leads to Memorial Field, be sure to take a look to your left and see the new memorial to Joe Cassidy, the founder of our league! Joe is the player who made this possible for all of us by starting Senior Softball here on Cape Cod back in 1987.

    70s Travel Team Finishes 2nd in the Ct Masters Tournament

    The Cape Cod Whalers 70s (CCSSL 70s travel team) played in the CT Masters Games on 6/8 &6/9 in No. Branford , CT.  They played four seeding games; winning the first vs. Socrates/ Vios 65s(CT) 13-7, losing the 2nd to Syracuse Cyclones 70s 12-11 and losing to Bostonian Shoe 70s in the 3rd 19-14 on Monday. On Tuesday, they lost the final seeding game to Cozy Grille 70s (RI) 12-7. This placed the Whalers as the 4th seed.  In the semi-finals they then played the 1st seed (Bostonians), winning 16-9.  Cozy Grille (3rd seed) also won their semi-final game. So it was the 3rd seed vs. the 4th seed for the championship, which the Cape Cod Whalers lost 8-6. Chris Sweeney pitched all 6 games and was one of the hitting stars.  John Seliga and Peter Brooks also had a good tournament at the plate.

    80s Travel Team Is Second in The Buckeye Classic


    For the first time the Cape Cod Senior Softball League fielded a travel team to compete in the 80-year-old division. The team traveled to Akron, Ohio to compete in The Buckeye Classic. This team is sponsored by Back Office Associates who also sponsors the 75 travel team.   Click here to read all about it


    The league is experiencing a shortage of umpires for our early season games. Some of the reasons are the late softball seasons at area high schools requiring some of our veteran umpires to work these high school games, late returns from warmer climates, and fewer volunteers for umpiring from our league. I urge those veteran umpires who can to sign up for as many games as they can handle. In the meantime, all managers are urged to solicit new umpires from their players to help with the 2015 season. There will be an additional training for new umpires toward the end of June. Any number of new umpires would be a help. If you or someone you know would like to be included in this training, please contact Bob Warde, Umpire Coordinator, at or me at


    In the meantime, if only one umpire shows up for your game please bear with him because he’s doing the job of two people to make your game fair. If no umpire is available at the start of your game, then we'll apply the following rules, which have been adapted from those used very successfully in our fall league:

    1. The catcher calls balls and strikes, fair and foul balls, time out at end of play when all action appears to be completed and the ball returned to the infield;
    2. The first base coach calls safe and out at first base and home plate, no catch (traps or drops) or batter out on right side of the field fly balls (including outfield)*;
    3. The third base coach calls safe and out at second and third, no catch (traps or drops) or batter out on left side of the field fly balls (including outfield)*;
    4. The managers call any controversial situation by a post-play time-out discussion and mutual agreement.  Examples include: interference and obstruction, obvious illegal high or low flat pitches (especially on called third strikes), and, in general, stepping in when calls are not made due to inattention or indecision by catcher or coaches.

    Catchers and coaches therefore become play callers; managers are arbiters and problem-solvers.  Both managers should have their 2015 CCSSL Rulebooks available on their benches.


    * "no catch"/"batter out" calls on traps and diving catches can be the most confusing moments of a game because players don't know how to proceed until the catch or no-catch is determined and announced loudly.

    Thank You,

    Charlie Salerno


    The practice pitching frame is back!  It stands majestically* outside the Memorial Field centerfield fence, clearly defining the 6-foot and 12-foot "flat" and "illegal" pitch limits.  The pitching rubber (wood, actually) and home plate bang board are a regulation 50 feet apart.  We suggest that you pitch with two partners so that you can work together - one pitching, one eyeballing the height of each pitch, one calling strikes and balls at home plate.  In this manner the pitcher can focus on throwing strikes, while getting feedback on height and accuracy.
    This is your chance to learn how to work the top and bottom of the pitching zone and drive batters crazy!
    If you need any assistance, call or email Bob Warde (508-237-3874, and he'd be more than happy to help you out.  The gates are open during the week until approximately 6:00 p.m. before league games begin, after which they're open until 8:00 p.m.  Bring your own bucket of balls or find out where the not-so-secret extra key to the shed is located.
    UMPIRES:  Watch a pitcher practice and see just what a 12-foot pitch looks like and how difficult it is to throw a flat-pitch strike.  You might be surprised! 
    * ... if  Ichabod Crane was majestic.  Like Mr. Crane, the frame has some weird angles on its old bones (aluminum poles).

    An Open Letter From The Commissioner


    We hope to see all of you again in the early spring if not before.

    Many thing have been happening since we last met at the Annual meeting.  There are some new faces on the Board and some new assignments.  Much of these will be available for review on-line shortly.  The advanced registration has helped us in more ways than one; we ran a deficit last season primarily due to the re-outfitting of all teams and the purchase of pitching screens.  So, having some money come in as advanced registrations allowed us to keep current with expenses.  As of this writing we are very close to having enough players to field 6 teams per division for next season and tryouts haven’t happened yet.  There are still many former players who have not registered for next season and I encourage you to at least send in a registration form so we can count you back in.  Registrations forms are available on-line or by mail by contacting any Board member or the Commissioner.

    Because of the changes learned from past experiences committees are currently working on rules regarding balls, bats, screens and base runners.  We are devising a plan for uniform replacement to be spread over a period of time so as not to impact the budget all at once.  We are developing updated policies for Travel Teams to keep our name known in national tournaments.  We are working on ways to improve the approach to make-ups and have a less crowded seasonal schedule.

    All of these items and more will require help.  I was disappointed by the number of volunteers at last year’s Classic Tournament.  This is the single biggest money making event we operate.  The success of last year’s tournament has led to early inquiries from teams who have not participated in the past but who are now interested.  This will mean even more help will be needed in the future.  This is a plea to all of you to volunteer to help next season.  Please volunteer to manage, work on a committee or offer your services to the league to fulfill a need it might have.  Our league depends solely on volunteers to be successful and it shouldn’t just be the same players who have done it in the past doing it again.  We need you to step up and help early and often.  Lots of jobs require only a few minutes of phone calling or e-mailing but will go a long way to lifting the entire structure of the league.  If every player volunteered to serve on one committee and for one day or even a ½ day during the Classic we’d never have to ask again.

    If you are willing to do your part please contact me, in person, by e-mail, by phone call or by letter or any other member of the Board of Directors and offer your services.  All contact information can be found on our web site under “League Information” “Board of Directors” and thank you.


    Charles A. Salerno

    The 75's Travel Team Finishes 3rd in the 2015 Tournament of Champions

    The CCSSL 75's travel team sponsored by Back Office Associates competed in Lakeland, Florida in the 2015 Tournament of Champions Tournament on the 6th.  Despite a string of health issues and injuries, the team captured 3rd place.  The roster consists of: Chris Sweeney, Jack Ferrie, Jim Parmelee, Vince VanNorman, Joe Graziosi, Jack Deschamps, Mike Sullivan, Bob Blakeslee, Hank Baldasarri, Tony Bonina, Tom Daronco, Jim VanBaalen, Nate Koppel and Stu Winston.  Bernie Powers is the manager.  All teams in this tournament won qualifying tournaments sometime during 2014 to be eligible.  Jim Parmelee was selected to be the team's representative in the All-Star game to be held on the evening of the 5th.  One player per team was allowed.  


    The Back Office Associates 75+ travel team, composed of members of the Cape Cod Senior Softball League, went as far as tired legs could carry them at the Winter National Championships in Fort Myers, Florida, November 4-7, 2014.

    See the Full Story



    Back Office Associates 70+ senior softball team recently competed in the SSUSA Winter National Championship in Ft. Myers, Florida. 


    Click Here to Read the Full Story

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    The 2015 Fall League Registration is now available.

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    Masters Division

    The Masters Division of the Cape Cod Senior Softball League is now playing on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 am at Kelley #1 in Dennis.  All are welcome to join in whether new, rehab, returning or former players.

    2015 CCSSL Application


    Click here to apply for the 2015 season. Payment options available. 

    For regular team players, pool players and the Masters division!  All from one click of the button.

    Applications still being accepted

    Information and Applications for the Cape Cod Senior Softball Classic are Now Available

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    Watch Miken Make a Bat

    Have you ever wondered how bats are made? Click here to find out!

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